VMware is a multi-million dollar cloud computing, virtualisation, and enterprise software firm. It is headquartered in California, USA. The company is renowned for the multitude of technology products and services it offers. It has partnerships with other well-known companies such as Cisco Systems and Amazon web services. VMware’s most popular products are Hypervisor, VMware cloud, VMware Tanzu, and vSphere VMware. 

The company provides a variety of services which include security solutions and products, workspace products (Desktop and App virtualization), and networking solutions and products. It regularly recruits candidates for various technology roles, with the most common ones being that of a developer and software engineer. Since the firm receives a lot of applications, it is essential to be well-prepared for the interview. 

In this article, we will take a look at the recruitment process and the VMware interview questions.

Interview Process

The recruiters at VMware aim to evaluate your problem-solving skills and your ability to code using the appropriate concepts. Usually, the interview process consists of four to five rounds depending on the role applied for. They are: 

  • Online assessment
  • Technical rounds ( 2 to 3 rounds)
  • Managerial interview
  • HR interview

Online Assessment:

Before the interview process begins, an initial phone screening will be conducted. Here, the recruiter will assess whether you meet the requirements of the role that you are applying for. If you fulfill the requisites, then you will have to take an online assessment test. While there is no negative marking for the test, it is time-bound. It will cover topics such as : 

  • Aptitude and Logical Reasoning
  • Computer Science – Data Structures, Microprocessors, and OS, among others.
  • Coding – C, C++, JAVA, UNIX, LINUX etc.

Next, you will be invited for the on-site interview or technical rounds. They comprise a coding round, design round, and behavioral round.

Technical  Rounds:

  • Coding Round

In the coding round, you will be asked questions on algorithms and data structures. The VMware questions for the coding interview will be from topics such as sorting algorithms, recursion, trees and graphs, dynamic programming and arrays, strings, and linked lists.

  • Design Round

The questions on design are meant to test your approach to solving a given design problem. 

  • Behavioural Round 

The questions in this round are aimed at evaluating your response to workplace situations, which will provide the interviewer with a better understanding of your behavioural traits. Keep in mind that the design and behavioural rounds are crucial for senior developer roles, and the coding round is important for junior and mid-level roles. 

Managerial Round: 

The interview with a manager will be an extension of your technical round and you may be asked to write more codes. They may give you specific instances and ask you to write code for the same. You may also be asked general questions on software terminology as well (Eg. Explain about the Software Development Life cycle).

HR Round: 

The questions in the HR round are usually general and are based on the information provided on your resume such as your achievements, interests, and certifications. They may also want to know about your preferences related to the work location. You will have the opportunity to interact with the HR and seek answers to queries about your career growth with the organisation, your role, and responsibilities, among others.

Tips to Crack VMware Interview

While the interview process may seem challenging, it is good to have a well-planned preparation strategy in place in order to clear the interview process. We recommend that you practice solving the VMware top interview questions with answers. Ensure that you are familiar with the whiteboard coding process. You can also attempt mock interviews in order to familiarise yourself with the interview process.

We hope the information provided in this article has given you a better understanding of the interview process at VMware.

Good Luck!


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