The University of Tokyo, established in 1877, is Japan’s first national university. It is one of the most prestigious higher learning establishments in Japan. Also known as UTokyo or Todai, this university has three main campuses located in Hongo, Kashiwa, and Komaba. As a leading educational institution, this university offers programs in almost all academic disciplines at both undergraduate, post-graduate, and doctorate levels. 

The university has a great alumni list, with most of them being the best in their field of profession. Besides, it was ranked second, after Harvard, for having the most number of alumni as CEOs in top companies in 2011. The list also includes Nobel laureates, famous astronauts, and Prime Ministers of Japan. So, if you are planning to pursue a degree from here, rest assured you will have a bright future. 

To help you make an informed decision, we’ll give you all the details of the University of Tokyo, including the approx. fee for the programs they offer, placements, departments, and more.


The University of Tokyo Japan aims to nurture students to become knowledgeable global leaders with a pioneering spirit, and a sense of public responsibility. The institute’s objective also includes expanding the boundaries of human knowledge. It consists of 10 departments and 15 graduate schools. Moreover, the Japan-based university has 30,000 students enrolled, including around 2,100 international students.


Tokyo University has 2,430 full-time academic staff, 5770 administrative staff, and 175 part-time academic staff. Most of the teaching staff here are not only highly experienced but also great researchers who consistently thrive to learn more about their field of study. The exceptional mentoring backed with the university’s top-class educational facilities results in academic excellence. 

The University of Tokyo Courses

The University of Tokyo offers undergraduate and postgraduate courses in several fields of study. Though it is a Japanese university, some of the undergraduate programs are also taught in English. The 10 departments of the institute include:

  • Law
  • Medicine
  • Engineering
  • Letters
  • Science
  • Agriculture
  • Economics
  • Arts and Sciences
  • Education
  • Pharmaceutical Sciences

Apart from this, the institute offers several master’s programmes in subjects such as Humanities and Sociology, Law and Politics, Education, Economics, Engineering, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Medicine, Mathematical Sciences, and more. The eligibility requirements for the courses vary based on the field of the study. However, international students must submit the scores of English proficiency tests such as TOEFL or IELTS, along with other requirements. 

The University of Tokyo Fees

The fee varies depending on the course. However, given below is a table that’ll give you an idea of the general fee structure for undergraduate and graduate courses. 

TypeUndergraduateGraduateSchool of Law
Admission fee¥282,000 (INR 183680 approx)¥282,000 ¥282,000
Annual Tuition fee¥535,800 (INR 349000 approx)
  • ¥535,800(for Master’s/Professional course)

  • ¥520,800 (INR 339238 approx. for P.h.D in Medicine or Veterinary Science)
¥804,000 (INR 523708 approx)
Exam Fee
  • ¥4,000 (1st stage. INR 2605 approx)

  • ¥13,000(2nd stage. INR 8465 approx)
¥30,000 (INR 19550 approx)
  • ¥7,000 (1st stage. INR 4560 approx)

  • ¥23,000(2nd stage. INR 14980 approx)

The Tokyo university aims to successfully teach students and help them choose ideal careers from all financial backgrounds. The university provides financial aid for students, in the form of scholarships and fee exemptions. Financial aids are provided mostly to students who are outstanding in studies but are not economically sound. Students who wish to apply for scholarships are required to fill out a separate form that is available on the university website. 

The University of Tokyo Acceptance Rate

Most universities don’t mention the acceptance rate officially on their website. However, according to the information on admissions statistics available on the official website of the university, the acceptance rate of Tokyo University is 21.9% for the academic year 2020-2021. The rate stood at 20.1% in the academic year 2019-2020 and 21.1% in 2018-2019. 

Career Support

Once students complete their graduation, the career support group of the departments offers help to students who wish to take up a job. They provide career counseling, job hunting, and more, along with career-related seminars and events that help students choose their career path.

The University of Tokyo is one of the top educational institutions in Japan. Hence, getting admission to the programs might not be easy. Only good entrance scores and a great profile can help students with securing a seat in a course of their choice. So, start your preparations, focus completely because it is not impossible with hard work. Good luck!


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