Top 7 B-Schools in Asia to Study after GMAT

Top 7 B-Schools in Asia to Study after GMAT

Are you looking to pursue an MBA? And are you keen on applying to b-schools in Asia? We will list the top B-Schools in Asia to pursue an MBA. So read on!

Over the years, Asia has become one of the popular locations for students looking to pursue graduate programs. This is because Asian universities are relatively cost-effective when compared to business schools in the US and the UK. Asia is home to numerous international universities and business schools. Most of these universities are internationally recognised and have received international accreditations. In the past few years, the number of international students in Asian universities has significantly increased, making Asia an international student hub.

Top B-schools in Asia 

The top b-schools in Asia, along with the eligible criteria, programs offered, the fee structure, scholarships offered, and career opportunities are as follows: 

 INSEAD, Singapore

INSEAD ranks sixth in the world and first in Asia, therefore, it is one of the best business schools in Asia to study in. The university is originally situated in France and the one located in Singapore serves as a campus in Asia. The MBA program offered at INSEAD lasts 10 months, which makes it a cost-effective and convenient program for students wishing to apply. The program conducts two rounds of admissions, one in August and the other in January. 

So what’s the eligibility criteria to get into INSEAD? To get into an MBA program you are required to have 5+ years of work experience and a GMAT score ranging between 670 to 750. Moreover, the tuition fee comes up to around £89,000, however, students can choose to pay in installments. 

While pursuing an MBA program can be expensive, the career opportunities provided by the INSEAD makes up for it. The university statistics show that over 90% of their students have been placed at reputable companies with an average salary of over $104, 200.

 Hong Kong University of Science and Technology – Business School, Hong Kong 

Founded in 1991, the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST)- Business School globally ranks at 43. It offers two kinds of MBA programs— a 16-month program and a 12-month program, giving you the flexibility to choose. The 16- month program is recommended for those who are looking for a transition in their career, whereas the 12- month program is for students looking to start their career by gaining knowledge and technical skills required in the business field. 

To be eligible for the program, you will need a minimum of two years of work experience and a valid GMAT or GRE score. Moreover, the tuition fee for the program is around $77,000. 

According to the HKUST-Business school statistics, students are employed by well-known companies such as Goldman-Sachs, HSBC, Amazon, Deloitte, Accenture, Intel, Microsoft, and many more. The statistics also indicate that over 95% of students from HKUST- Business school have been employed within three months of their graduation.  

University of Hong Kong (HKU) – School of Business, Hong Kong 

Established in 1911, the University of Hong Kong globally ranks at 43. The School of Business at University of Hong Kong offers a one-year MBA program. The HKU Business School offers a partnership program within their MBA program as well. This means that students can pursue their final semester at any of the universities HKU has partnered with. Based on this, the partnership program has three variations you can choose from — New York track, London track, and Hong Kong/China track. The New York track lets you study at HKU’s partnered school, Columbia Business School. The London track lets you study at London Business School and the Hong Kong/China track lets you study at Fudan University.   

To be eligible for the MBA program, you will need a minimum of two years of work experience and a valid, good GMAT score. The tuition fees for the program is around $75,000, which can be paid through installments. Moreover, the HKU Business School also offers merit-based scholarships to those who have an excellent academic record, a good GMAT score, credible work experience and internships. 

The HKU’s career report indicated that over 90% of their graduates had been recruited by leading companies such as Infosys Consulting, Acer, FoodPanda, Emerson,  Schneider Electric, HQ Capital, etc, in the year 2020. 

National University of Singapore(NUS) – NUS Business School, Singapore 

The NUS Business School is ranked 14 by the Financial Times Global Ranking and ranked as the number one business school in Asia. It is very popularly known for its MBA program. NUS also offers a double degree MBA program at its partnered universities in China, the US, and France. The MBA program is 17-months long, whereas the double degree MBA program is 24 months long. The universities in partnership with NUS in China, the US and France are Peking University, Yale University, and HEC, Paris respectively.  

To be eligible to apply for the MBA programs at NUS, you must have a minimum of two years of work experience and must have a good GMAT or GRE score. The eligibility criteria for the double degree MBA program varies as it is based on the admission requirements listed by the partnered university. Moreover, the tuition fee for the MBA program is $57,000, which can be paid in installments. 

NUS’s statistics indicate that over 90% of its graduates have been employed within three months of graduation. In addition, most of their graduates have seen a 138% increase in their pre-MBA( while pursuing the MBA program) salary within 2 years of working. The average post-MBA salary is around $74,000 in the first year and increases up to $160,000 within 3 years of working.  

Nanyang Technological University – Nanyang Business School (NBS), Singapore

The Nanyang Business School is globally ranked at 30 and ranked as the fourth-best university in Asia. It offers two variations of the MBA program— a 12-month MBA program and an 18-month MBA program. Additionally, NBS has partnered with universities in France, Switzerland, and Japan, to offer double degree MBA programs. The 12-month MBA program also offers an exchange program once you’ve completed the program, this means you can opt for a semester abroad in any of NBS’s partnered international universities. The duration of the double degree MBA programs ranges between 14 to 24 months. 

The eligibility criteria for the MBA program at NBS requires you to have a minimum of two years of work experience and to have an excellent GMAT score. Besides, the fee for the MBA program is $46,000. At NBS, there are various scholarships available for international students and a scholarship specifically for women pursuing MBA programs. 

The university’s statistics tell us how the employability rate after having pursued an MBA at NBS is quite high. Over 95% of the graduates are employed at international locations within three months of their graduation and most of the graduates have seen a 119% increase in their salary within two years of working. In addition, some of the recruiters who have employed NBS graduates are Mckinsey & Co, Johnson & Johnson, Procter and Gamble, Standard Chartered, KPMG, Bank of America, and Tata Communications.   

We have given you a comprehensive overview of the top business schools in Asia, where you can pursue an MBA. You can choose where you want to apply based on the duration of the program, the fee structure, your GMAT score, and career opportunities offered to you. So, make a choice and start your application process. All the best!

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