Taking the GMAT examination is a prerequisite for getting admission to almost all the MBA programs in the country. Your GMAT prep will not just come in handy when it comes to getting through to the top B-schools. The exam and the preparations you take to excel in it will come in handy even after your MBA and then in your life as a manager of a company. 

So, are you in two minds about whether or not to take the test? Here are the five reasons that will convince you to take the GMAT.

1. Better Prospects to Join Your Chosen B-School

Scoring high in your GMAT examination is directly correlated to getting admission to a business school of your choice. After all, GMAT is that component of the application that will objectively pitch you against the other applicants to the school. Other components of the applications like personal essays, extracurricular activities, work experience, and so on are subjective. But high GMAT scores show your acumen and capacity.

2. GMAT Might Get You a Better Salary Post-MBA

It will make you more keen to work on your GMAT prep when you get to know that your scores in the exam can help you get a better salary after you get your MBA degree. Your outstanding scores will not just land you in your preferred school but also help you get a good job with a lucrative salary afterwards.

3. The Exam Gives You Room for Errors

GMAT is different from the other Indian exams, where your fate is dependent on what you do within the three hours in the exam hall. You have the option to retake the exam at least five times within a year. So, the amount of pressure on you gets considerably reduced. In case you are unable to score well the first time, you can always try again and perform better.

4. The Validity of Your GMAT Scores

After taking the GMAT, your scores will remain valid for five years. So, you have the option to take the exam today and start applying to the colleges next year. It can be highly advantageous because you get to sit for the exams when you have ample time for GMAT prep. And, of course, you can take the test again if the scores aren’t satisfactory.

5. GMAT Creates a Detail-Oriented Approach

Your preparations for GMAT will train the mind to work on both large and small scales. You will be sharpening your skills regarding picking out crucial details without feeling overcome by extraneous information. The training you receive about organising information will help you when you take up the job of a manager in the future.


As you can see, there is more reason than one for you to consider taking the GMAT. So, fill up that application without any more delay and start preparing for it from today. If you are diligent about your preparations leading up to the exam, you will excel in it for sure and start your journey towards a glorious future. And if you face any problem, come to CareerLabs


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