Are you a current employee of the Tata group? Do you envision yourself as a leader in the organisation? If your answer is yes, you might consider enrolling for the Tata Administrative Services or TAS program in TCS, an ideal program for aspiring young leaders in the industry.

The Tata group is one of the largest and most popular conglomerates in India. Established in 1868, it houses some of the major companies in India such as Vistara, Titan, Tanishq, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), Tata Motors, Tata Power, Indian Hotels Company Limited, Tata Steel, Tata Chemicals and Tata Starbucks. In addition to leading some of the top businesses in India, the Tata group offers a leadership program, the TAS program, that helps groom and direct potential young leaders. This program is offered to in-house employees, those who are part of the Tata group and who wish to pursue leadership opportunities in the future.

TAS Program in TCS Eligibility Criteria 

The TAS leaders program admits in-house candidates or through campus recruitment programs at top business schools. The Tata administrative services eligibility criteria for the in-house employees and for the campus recruits differ slightly, we will discuss them below. 

  • TAS inhouse program eligibility criteria 

If you are an in-house employee at the Tata group, the eligibility criteria to get into the TAS program is as follows: 

  1. Should have completed an undergraduate program
  2. Have to be permanent employees at the Tata group of companies.  The Tata joint venture partners are not eligible for the TAS program. 
  3. Should have completed a minimum of two years at the Tata group.
  4. Should not have more than 6 years of work experience. The total work experience will be inclusive of the two years at the Tata group.
  5. Should have a valid and good GMAT score

A couple of things to note are that the TAS program does not accept a GRE score and the GMAT should be taken at least three years prior to applying for the program.

  • Campus recruitment eligibility criteria 

If you studying at one of the top business schools in India, the eligibility criteria to get into the TAS program in TCS is as follows:

  1. Candidates are recruited from the following business schools: 
  • IIM Lucknow, IIM Kozhikode, IIM Ahmedabad, IIM Bangalore, IIM Calcutta 
  • Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Xavier School of Management, Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies, S.P. Jain Institute of Management and Research 
  • University of Delhi,  Faculty of Management studies- University of Delhi

If you are pursuing an MBA, or a management program at any of these universities, you are eligible for the TAS program.

  1. Should be in your final year of your program
  2. No necessary work experience requirement 
  3. No GMAT score required as well

TAS Leaders Program Application Procedure

The TAS application procedure is a rather simple one. If you are an in-house employee, you have to head over to the official website and register with your GMAT score. However, if you are a student looking to be recruited through campus recruitments, you are required to write two essays and a Statement of Purpose (SOP) describing your aspiration, motivation and dedication towards this program.

Selection Process 

Once you have applied for the TAS graduate program, there are various rounds you have to qualify before you are admitted to the program. The various rounds you have to go through are as follows:

  1. Group discussion: The first round is the group discussion round, wherein there are groups with ten candidates each. The groups are assigned a particular topic which the candidates proceed to discuss and debate upon. If you qualify this round, you proceed to round two.
  2. Presentation: The second round is a presentation round wherein you present a case study for about 30 minutes followed by questions. The case study is given to you prior to the presentation so that you can prepare yourself. If you qualify this round, you proceed to round three.
  3. Psychometric Interview: The third round is a psychometric interview round. A psychometric interview analyses your intelligence, thought process, attitude and personality. It is identical to the HR round at any firm. Hence, there is no elimination in this specific round.
  4. Personal interview: The fourth round is a face- to- face interview that takes place in Mumbai with executives of the Tata group. Some of the interview questions will be based on your professional goals, general and global affairs, leadership qualities and skills you might possess.

Potential Salary 

The Tata group, being one of the largest conglomerates in India, has earned the liberty to provide a higher pay to their employees. The average salary for an employee working with the Tata group ranges from 15 to 30 lakhs per annum. However, after having pursued your TAS program, your pay is bound to increase. The potential pay after having completed your TAS program ranges from 25 to 60 lakhs per annum. 

We have given you a detailed overview of the TAS program in TCS, it’s eligibility criteria, application procedure, selection process and potential pay after you have successfully completed the program. All there is left for you to do is decide if this program is the right fit for you or not. 


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