What Salary Will You Make After Your MBA in UK?

What Salary Will You Make After Your MBA in UK?

Are you looking to pursue an MBA in the UK? Not sure how much you would earn after your MBA in the UK? Worry not! We will help you make an informed decision about pursuing an MBA in the UK and also tell you about the potential salary you would get after you’ve completed your MBA. 

There are various reasons why pursuing an MBA program is beneficial in the long run. We will list some of the  reasons below: 

  •  Gaining knowledge and developing skills 

The MBA is an advanced degree which helps you gain extensive knowledge about business management. In addition, it trains you and helps you develop managerial skills, entrepreneurial skills and interpersonal skills, etc. 

  • Entrepreneurial skills 

Most students or young professionals pursuing an MBA degree are looking to branch out as self-sufficient entrepreneurs. An MBA degree prepares you efficiently to be not only a successful entrepreneur but also a confident one. 

  • Opens up higher management opportunities 

Most firms and organisations are likely to employ you for higher management positions if you have an MBA degree in hand. A higher management automatically ensures a higher pay or package.

  • Gain a global perspective

An MBA is a globally accredited and a globally recognised program. The fundamentals and some of the core modules of the course are taught keeping a larger, global narrative in mind. Hence, any knowledge acquired can be easily validated in various parts of the world and in dynamic work environments as well.

  • Gain hands-on experience 

The duration of an MBA program lasts about a year, within this year the program requires you to have gained hands-on experience in the management industry through an internship. This will give you an insight on how your professional path would look and how you can progress further.  

  • Worthwhile investment 

Pursuing an MBA degree is a great investment for your career. Not only does it educate you on management studies, but it provides you with a holistic view and approach towards the management industry itself.  Additionally, it equips you with various interpersonal as well as professional skills. 

Top MBA universities in UK  

The UK is home to some of the prestigious and popular universities. Amongst them are some top universities which offer an MBA program. The top MBA universities in UK along with their tuition fees are as follows:

Top University  Tuition Fees in GBP*
Durham University 40,000
Imperial College Business school – Imperial College of London65,000
London Business school 100,000
Warwick Business school50,000
Alliance Manchester Business school – Manchester University55,000
Said Business school- Oxford University 75,000
Cass Business school – City, University of London54,000
Cranfield school of Management – Cranfield University 50,000
Judge Business school – Cambridge University 70,000
University of Edinburgh Business school40,000

*These values stated in the above table are approximate values and can vary.

Salary after MBA in the UK 

Are you wondering how much you will make once you’ve graduated with an MBA degree? The following table will give you an approximate value of what your salary would be, in accordance with various professions.

Profession Average Salary in GBPSalary Range in GBP
Operations Manager 45,00028,000 – 96,000
Management Consultant65,00043,000 – 121,000
Marketing Manager40,00028,000 – 65,000 
Project Manager 40,00030,000 – 70,000 
Finance Manager 50,00030,000 – 60,000
Business Development Manager 45,00025,000 – 75, 000
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)95,00050,000 – 150,000

 However, the average salary in India after your MBA in the UK is approximately 4 lakhs INR and as inferred from the above table, the average salary for freshers after MBA in the UK is approximately 45,000 GBP. As you can see, from the above two tables, your salary after having acquired an MBA in the UK is twice the amount you have invested in procuring the MBA in the UK.

We have given you an overview of MBA in the UK as well as a figure of your potential salary. This will ease the burden of doing research from the scratch as we have provided you with the basic information necessary. All you need to do is select the university of your choice and start applying!

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