How to Approach your Recommender

If you have decided to apply for admissions at the top B-schools then you should be aware of each element of your application process like – the GMAT scores, essays, CV (Curriculum Vitae), the SOP (Statement of Purpose), LOR (Letters of Recommendation) etc. One of the most important aspects will be to get your recommendation letters ready. In this article let us learn more about how to compose your Letter of Recommendation since this will create an impact with the admissions committee about your competencies, professionalism and accomplishments.

The first step in this is whom to ask for the recommendation. The obvious choice and preference will be your supervisor since they would be the one who would have monitored your work firsthand and can talk about your skills and accomplishments. You can ask supervisors from places you have volunteered in or completed your internships at for the recommendation letters. Ensure that your recommender supports your goals and can write a recommendation encouraging your views.

The next important point to consider is to remember when and how to approach the supervisor who is recommending you.

You must take into account how long it will take for your supervisor to draft the letter since it is an elaborate process. We would therefore suggest that you don’t wait until the last minute to approach your recommender. You could request them to give you the letter at least six to eight weeks before the admissions deadline. This will give them sufficient time to compose the letter without having to hurry. Furthermore, you could remind them about the projects you have worked on under their supervision, the certifications which you would have completed and any other professional achievements. This will ensure that all your strengths are highlighted when they write the letter.

Let us now look at the points to remember which will assist your supervisor when drafting the Letter of Recommendation.

  • Address if the business school will require the recommender to write the letter on school specific questions or if a general letter is sufficient. Also explain to them the online recommendation process in a brief manner. This is because most business schools prefer online mode of submission these days.
  • Provide the deadlines for each school you are applying to, remind them about the date by which you will need the letter.
  • Mention and highlight your strengths, characteristics along with examples of how  you exhibited these qualities while you were working.
  • You can give them a template of how the letter should appear and additionally provide them with your updated CV which would help them while writing the recommendation letter.
  • Make sure you meet your recommender in person or virtually to help them recall the time you have worked with them and explain to them why you have decided to pursue an MBA so that they will be able to include relevant information in the letter.
  • In addition to the above your supervisor could also mention about your areas of development so that this can be related to the skills you are likely to acquire when you pursue your MBA degree.
  • Finally you must never forget to thank your recommender since they are providing you with an opportunity to elevate your profile with their letter of recommendation.

We hope that this article has given you all the information you need to approach a recommender to help you with your letter of recommendation. 

Good Luck!

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