The GMAT admit card is the most important document that you have to carry on the day of the examination, failing which, you will not be allowed to enter the examination hall and will be ineligible to sit for the exam. The GMAT admit card 2021 consists of details such as your name, name of the course, your roll number, etc. This card acts as proof that you have registered on the official website. 

Besides carrying the admit card, it is also imperative to carry an Identity Document (ID) proof on the day of the GMAT exam. Some of the ID proofs which are considered valid for the GMAT exam are as follows:

  • Driving Licence issued by the Government
  • National/State identity card issued by the Government
  • Passport
Information in GMAT Admit Card 2021:
  • Your roll number/enrolment number
  • Identification number of GMAT Test
  • Your name and address
  • Your date of birth
  • Your father’s name
  • Exam centre
  • Exam date and time

The GMAT admit card also usually consists of some important rules and regulations that you must follow compulsorily during the GMAT exam.

Downloading the GMAT Admit Card:
  • Official website: You can download the GMAT Admit Card from the official website. First you will need to register and complete your profile by adding in your name, date of birth, citizenship details as per your ID proof, etc. Once you make the payment, you get a confirmation letter, which acts as your hallway ticket.  
  • Email alerts: You can also subscribe to email alerts. Via emails you are informed to download the GMAT admit card 2021 a few days before the commencement of the scheduled test.
Key Points to Remember 
  • Valid identity proof: You must carry a valid ID proof and GMAT admit card. From your date of birth to your name, everything should be correct. Both the IDs should match each other, there should be any disparity. 
  • Photograph: The Admit Card for the GMAT exam must include a recent photograph of yours along with your signature on it.
  • Expired document not allowed: The ID proof and GMAT Admit Card 2021 should be valid. An expired card is unacceptable and you will not be allowed to sit for the exam. Besides, it is advisable for you to carry more than one ID proof on the day of the exam so that in the event of non-acceptance of one proof, the other ID proof can serve the purpose.
Tips for the GMAT Exam Day
  • Read through the GMAT test rules and regulations properly beforehand.
  • Try to reach the exam center at least 30 minutes before the scheduled exam time to avoid commotion at the last-minute.
  • Choose an examination centre which is close to the place you stay. 
  • Do not carry gadgets such as mobiles, pagers, smartwatch, etc. to the examination room.
  • Do not panic, try staying calm. 
  • Sit at the computer workstation that is allotted to you.
  • Keep your personal belongings in the allotted locker and ensure to carry them along once you’re done with examination.
  • Once you have completed the exam you will have the option to either accept or reject your GMAT scores, do not make a hasty decision, take time to think over and then accept the scores or cancel them.

We hope now you know what information the GMAT admit card 2021 consists of and why it is so important to carry it along with you when you sit for the GMAT exam. Also due to the pandemic, the GMAC has introduced an online exam which can be taken from the comfort of your homes. But for this online exam, you do not require a GMAT admit card. Your login ID and password are sent via mail to you for the online exam.  


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