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We offer simple, comprehensive, end-to-end services to help you through every phase of your application to your desired University.

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There are three essential Questions that need to be worked out at the very beginning of your journey with us:

Where does your Profile stand?


What should your Profile be?


How do we close the "Gap" between the two?

During the onboarding process as you fill the Questionnaire form, we get a good idea of your
existing profile and interests. Based on your preferred schools and geography along with our extensive research, we can get a clear picture of what kind of
a profile you need to have for higher probability of success in the admission process.

Our expert consultants then analyze the best strategy to bridge the gap, working with you to build and refine your profile in accordance with your goals.

About Admissions Consulting Services

Our unparalleled guidance ensures that your application reflects your profile in the best version, bringing you closer to your dream business program!
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    Best-in-class process, tailored for you
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    Ethical consulting- We believe in you, no need for shortcuts or tie-ups
At CareerLabs, we believe in making the application process stress-free. We provide assistance at every step along the way, making the journey to your dream school as simple as we can. Our guidance ensures that your application reaches its best possible version, bringing your dream program closer to you!

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    Our industry-leading faculty will prepare you for success

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    B.E. in Computer Science and Engineering, Accenture
    Admits: KTH Sweden, University of Helsinki, University of Groningen
    I needed some sort of push to take time in researching and applying to universities. Krithika & team helped me do this. The service provided support in suggesting schools that were based on my profile. I would definitely say that this service has helped me in organizing my university application procedure.


    Software Engineer, Wipro Limited
    Admits: SUNY Buffalo and Stevens
    Krithika Ma’am and her team helped me choose a course tailored to my needs. SUNY was ambitious for me, but I was still able to get an admit because of my mentor and editor. They helped me in choosing a career track for my needs and then setting a plan for me to get there. This was the best service I got from Krithika Ma’am and team. I suggest you start early and talk to the team to get all your doubts cleared. You will be helped with what courses to choose, what to do and how to do, which are the most critical questions a student has.


    B.E. in Chemical Engineering, BITS Pilani
    Admit: University of California, San Diego
    I think the Profile Gap Analysis was quite helpful, followed by University shortlisting and inputs on the SOP and LOR. The services were personalised to suit my needs. It streamlined my entire application process and really helped me in keeping track of my deadlines and submissions. They helped me understand that it’s never too soon to begin prepping if you’re planning to go abroad. Apart from preparing the required documents, one should spend ample time in doing groundwork on the kind of university / program that one is looking for.


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    Is writing only GRE enough? When do you apply to get the scholarships? What kind of profile do grad schools look at? Watch this webinar now and understand the A to Z of the admissions process and get all your questions answered.

    Drafting Graduate School CV- Resume

    89 % of Grad school applicants overlook the most underrated process of “School Selection” and “Application Documents”, resulting in rejection. Watch this webinar now and make sure you’re not one of them.

    All About MEM - Master’s in Engineering Management

    What if we tell you that there’s a Master’s program which is a technical degree offered by a business school—a Techno Managerial Master’s that is the best of both worlds! Watch this webinar now and understand why MEM is a preferred choice of Master’s for Engineers these days

    About ACS

    In Admission Consulting Services, our team of expert consultants study your profile and make sure that the essays, CV/resume and other documents to be submitted with your application show the best version of you and your work. We then match your profile to the perfect schools for you based on the various class profiles for these schools. We also help you develop your profile to better suit your dream school through our Profile Gap Analysis service, which allows you to work on the needed aspects to make your profile a better fit for your preferred schools and programs. Our entire process works on an established timeline, which ensures that the application process is smooth and prompt. We understand that no two applicants are alike, and therefore no two applications should be alike either. This is why all reviews, feedback and strategy sessions provided by our team will be tailor-made for you based on your input. Our aim is to guide you through the application process such that the end product– the application– reflects your best work. We do not make your application for you, in order to remain in compliance with the terms of the application as well as to retain the authenticity of your application. Our process, however, involves extensive guidance and support, which optimises your application process, bringing you closer to your dream school!

    Frequently Asked Question

    What do you really want to know about Profile Builder

    You should begin the process at least 9-12 months before the intake year you are planning to apply to. For example, if you are applying to the 2022 intake, it is advisable that you start the process for your profile building between Jan – March 2021 for you to be able to get ample time to work on different factors like CV, Profile building, GMAT prep, school selection, and finally the application.

    An average of 5+ Years of work experience is ideal to get to a PGP, EPGP, PGPX PGPEX, MBA.

    It would depend on the intake cycle the client wishes to apply in, along with the package chosen with the Admission Consulting Services. For example, if a client wishes to apply to the 2022 Fall Intake, ideally the application process should be completed by January 2021 for a 1/3/5 school Package and September 2018 for a Profile Booster Package. This scenario will also depend on the school chosen and the rounds applied to.

    The Admissions Committee of any school will look at different aspects of your application for you to get an admit to the school. Your profile, the value you will bring to the school, and how the school can help you achieve your short term goals will also contribute to deciding whether you get admitted or not. How your essay portrays these factors with facts is also extremely important.
    Every university has a different placement scenario for their International Students. We would suggest you to go through the information provided by individual universities to get to know about the placement scenarios of their international students.
    After 24 hours of the on- boarding call, you are eligible for partial or no refund based on the services provided to you. Please refer to the Terms and Conditions for the detailed policy on refund.
    While we make an effort to provide the same consultant assigned to you every month, however, this may sometimes not be possible. All of our consultants are extremely well-qualified to handle all kinds of cases, and will ensure that you have a seamless experience on our platform. Also, at every stage, depending on the level of expertise required, your consultant may be different.
    Yes, you can! However, there will be additional charges to be paid for the package which you select. Please contact your counselor to check your eligibility for the same along with charges payable.
    Most applicants are in their 7th semester when they apply for admission in universities. The universities abroad are also well aware of this. As long as you have a framework and a general idea of what your project is going to be, you can fill that in your CV.
    Of course! During the time of the Profile Assessment Form (PAF), you would’ve just started the application process with us. It is unlikely you would be aware of what schools will be a good fit for you. That’s where we come in. Even though we will guide you on your way, the final choice of which schools you end up applying to, rests with you.
    Yes! Do your research. Without an area of specialization to begin with, it is extremely difficult to guide you with multiple aspects of your application. You would need to do some researching to come up with which area of specialization and which program you’d like to do your higher studies in. This will enable us to provide focused guidance and support to you in order to make your application stand out.
    Yes- in terms of expenses; what sort of careers you can have, and so on. It will also impact what schools we will suggest to you.
    CGPA is undoubtedly one of the most important aspects of your application. However, there are also other factors like GRE/ GMAT scores, Statement of Purpose (SOP)/ essay, Letter(s) of Recommendation, choice of school, etc. One way to downplay a poor CGPA is to compensate with by excelling in these aspects. Our consultants will also suggest some profile-building activities for you to enhance your profile and ensure that it reaches its best form.
    If you are not available to take the call you will have to intimate us via email. In the email, you’ll have to mention the status of your plan of action and the new activities you have done in the last 30 days in order for us to build your profile gap. You can also mention any queries that you may have in the email. Your consultant will go through the same and get back to you via email or call.
    No, we do not have any tie ups with companies to help you gain internships. We will help you out with where you can look for internships and you can then apply according to what is most suitable to your interests.
    Yes, there are few universities which accept GATE scores. However, they will have language exams like IELTS/TOEFL. Although, we would suggest you to take GRE for better chances of acquiring Visa.
    As we would have completed your documentation from our end for that particular intake, we will consider the process as completed. You will have to apply to CareerLabs as a new candidate for the next intake.
    We highly recommend everyone to try their best to attend the webinars as it allows one to ask any query and get clarifications by the experts themselves. However, if due to some reason one is unable to attend the webinar, a recorded version of the same will be sent to them.
    No, CareerLabs only offers IELTS classes.
    Definitely not. Social service activities show how active you are and depict your leadership, team building and proactiveness while internships helps you to gain industrial exposure. They’re both extremely important for one to have a holistic profile.
    No. This is because we would have started to tailor your profile according to the present and your previous professional background. However, the same can be discussed with your consultant and depending on your profile and career growth you will be suggested the right course of action.
    If an institution rejects your application, you can re-attempt to apply for a suitable program matching your profile in the same institution itself with more supporting documents, or choose an alternative option in other institutions where your profile would be eligible. We would also suggest you to write to the school asking for a reason or explanation for the rejection.
    Visa interview preparation comes under additional service. Our post admit/interview call team will get in touch with you to explain the prerequisites for this.
    CareerLabs will not be providing any kind of financial assistance to the clients, but will surely help with the information about other financial institutions that provide educational loans. It is up to the client to decide which institution’s plans for financial aid suit them the best.
    Most of the college applications will start during the validity of your service as you have signed up for a particular cycle of intake. We would help the client with the application to those B-Schools that have been shortlisted with us before the service expires. However, on a case to case basis the same can be discussed with the Admission Consulting team.
    Fall intake is the intake where-in deadlines begin in the month of September and remain open till January, whereas, the spring intake deadlines are between February to April or May. There are very limited options for an MBA program in the Spring intake.
    Yes, you can change your preferred domain of study. We have a Profile Gap Analysis (PGA) session where you will get to know the gaps in your profile along with a discussion to understand what suits the client best.
    Ideally, the early you take the GMAT, the more time you have to concentrate on your application. However, if you are targeting the Round 1 (Sept-Oct), it is advisable that you have a GMAT score latest by July end. We would need a minimum of 25 days to help you prepare your application for the first school of your choice.
    You will have a Single Point of Contact (SPoC), who will be guiding you throughout the process. However, at each stage you will be talking to the respective experts of that stage. For e.g., your CV Discussion call will be done by one of our CV experts, whereas the Profile Gap Analysis will be taken care by your consultant, post which you will be assigned a mentor who will be guiding and mentoring you for your profile building, B-School discussions, application, etc.
    Profile Booster: 30th September1/3/5 B School: 31st January
    The services can be extended in case there is a delay, or the client feels that s/he needs more time to complete the application process. In such cases, an additional service fee would be applicable for the shift of service.
    Yes, it is possible to upgrade the B-School Package, but the client can only do this with enough time being given to the Consulting Services to work on the client’s application documents. The service will be upgraded as soon as the surplus amount of the package chosen is remitted.
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