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Move from dreaming to achieving with Profile Builder Placements by CareerLabs. Created in collaboration with industry experts, this program will offer you complete guidance on the right career path, assess your employability, and upgrade your skills in a systematic manner to help you land the most sought-after jobs in the industry.

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We are honoured to be associated with several industry-leading Strategic Partners in the form of Knowledge Partners, Certification Partners and Technology Partners. Our Partners have joined us on our journey to positively impact the lives of 1 million undergraduate students.

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    Our Faculty

    Our team of experts with hands-on teaching & industry experience offer unlimited support to help you excel at career planning.

    Smitha C

    Computer Science Faulty & Management Mentor
    With over 18 years of experience in Software IT services, Smitha holds expertise in all aspects of a software project’s life cycle. She has worked at high managerial positions at companies like Ernst and Young, and Wipro. She provides career tracks for Computer Science courses to ensure that the students are ready for the software industry.

    Anuja R

    Computer Science Faculty
    & Mentor
    Our star mentor and faculty at CareerLabs with 13+ years of experience mentoring over 3000 students across all age groups in the field of Computer Science and Engineering to help them up-skill themselves and shape their career in the best way possible. One of the most passionate, joyful and cheerful mentors you’ll ever meet.

    Smitha P

    Electronics and
    Communication Expert

    With a Master’s in Electronics Design from IISc- Bangalore, Smitha has worked for big semiconductor companies. In her 10+ years of experience as a firmware engineer, she has developed products from the audio processing, image processing, and memory domains. She is the founder of “Tinkerama”- an initiative to bring ‘learning by making’ to children. At CareerLabs, she provides career tracks in the field of Electronics and Communication.

    Success Stories

    Watch how 100,000+ students fulfilled their dreams
    with CareerLabs

    Sarika Akula

    Placed in Cyient
    I am Sarika Akula from Jangaon, Telangana. I pursued my B.tech in MGIT at Hyderabad. I enquired about training and joined CareerLabs in March 2019. I have enhanced my technical skills under the guidance of experienced Trainers having good knowledge on the subject. I am thankful to them for providing placement opportunities. I got placed in CYIENT in August 2019.

    Mayur MN

    Placed in L&T Technology
    It was a great experience with CareerLabs. My dream was to get into an embedded domain. As a fresher, it is difficult to get into the Embedded Design field, but CareerLabs made a huge difference in my career by providing the best training and placement assistance. I would like to say that CareerLabs is the best choice for those who dream of embedded opportunity.

    Vijayalaxmi Jamagoud

    Placed in Digitales

    I am Vijayalaxmi Jamagoud from SDMCET Dharwad. I have completed my MBA in Marketing in 2018. Upon my friends suggestion I joined the CareerLabs UI/UX course. Here all lecturers are very friendly and helped a lot to clear mocks and tests. I got 4 opportunities and in the 4th, I got placed in digitales.

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    Understand Specialized Profile Building required for Higher Studies. You won’t get this kind of deep insight anywhere else. Guaranteed!

    Profile Building for Placements

    Just doing courses won’t help get your Dream Career. Go from confusion to clarity with our carefully designed Profile Building Program and get closer to your dream job.

    Exclusive CV Workshop

    As a fresher how do I craft my CV to highlight the features of my profile. What do recruiters look for? Exclusive insights from Alumni from IIMB who has recruited more than 2000 freshers.

    Frequently Asked Question

    What do you really want to know about Profile Builder
    The Mark sheets that can be uploaded on the portal have to be either in JPEG or PDF format. The size per document is limited to 5MB. In case your files are larger than this, you can try to compress the files and upload them, although 99% of our students don’t find this to be a problem. Alternatively, you can use the link https://portal.thecareerlabs.com/en/msu to upload your documents. If all attempts fail, then you can email the files to profileprep and we will upload the documents for you at the backend.
    There are 5 basic steps that one needs to complete to get in touch with the mentor. The mentor call, also called the Profile Gap Analysis Call, is the most important milestone in your journey with us, because this is going to help you discover your career tracks. The 5 steps to be completed are as given below.
    1. Aptitude Diagnostic Test
    2. Career Exploration Test
    3. Technical Test
    4. Marksheet Submission
    5. CV building
    After the completion of the above steps, our team starts the work behind the scenes. We process the files and verify the documents that are uploaded. This typically takes 48 hours. We then identify the right mentor for you and sync with both you and the mentor to block your calendars for an interaction. Generally, the entire process takes 7 calendar days once you complete uploading all the relevant information.

    The next step after completing all your first five steps is the mentor call, which is the interaction with your mentor that will help you decide the right career track. However, for that to happen,it typically takes about 7 working days after you submit all the information as our Mentors need to do their research. In the meantime, you can check the videos on the portal wherein professionals from the industry talk about how their ideal workday looks like. It is crucial to know this because your interaction with the mentors will be more fruitful if you know how an ideal day in a particular role will look like. 

    There is no reason to panic. Please use the link https://portal.thecareerlabs.com/en/msu to upload the documents. Alternatively, please send them to profileprep@localhost from your registered email ID and we shall upload the same for you.
    If your college name is not listed in the drop down box, please select the “Other” option. A text box will appear next. Please enter your college name in the text box.
    If you have skipped the CV building skip when it appears for the first time, then you may not be able to get back to the same when you want to revisit the step. There is no need to panic in this case. Please use the link https://portal.thecareerlabs.com/en/cv to login to the portal and build your CV. It is mandatory that you use the CV Builder to build your CV because only then your CV can be compared to similar profiles to come up with Career track suggestions. That is the reason why we don’t accept a manually made CV.

    In the back-end we use your registered G-mail ID as the default login credential for your profile builder platform. Hence, use the “Login with Google” button to login to the platform. However, if you are still facing issues, please write to profileprep and we shall help you to troubleshoot the same.

    The profile builder platform is designed in such a way that the student is able to complete the initial steps in a fashion that is very similar to a wizard. Hence, in an ideal scenario, we would recommend you not to skip any steps and complete the steps as they come in. However, in case you have skipped a particular step, please write to profileprep and we will send you the standalone link using which the step can be completed.

    We do understand that most of our students are in the fifth semester of Engineering. Thus, you may not have all the details that the CV builder is asking for right now. There is no need to worry in this case. Please enter the details that are available with you right now as you will revisit the same step when you are in the 7th semester. The CV that you make then will be your final CV in the placement-ready format. In case there is any specific portion of the CV Builder that you need help on, then please click on the “i” icon near the heading of that particular section and there will be a short video that will give you tips to fill that particular section. In case you need further help, please write to profileprep and we shall help you with the same.

    We are sad to see you check this section Yes, there is a refund policy and you can check the same here:

    Drop in an email to profileprep with the Top 3 reasons why we didn’t match your expectations. Our team will get in touch with you and after a quick discussion, after which further action will be initiated accordingly.

    Profile Building Activities and planning will be completed in 1 Year and hence the Subscription is valid for 1 year. In case you want to extend the subscription do drop an email to profileprep our team will help you with further steps.

    In all ideality, we recommend that you get one consolidated marksheet that can be uploaded onto the portal. In case a consolidated marksheet is not available, then please make use of the “+” button next to the upload button to add another column. This will help you upload any number of individual marksheets semester wise.
    Yes - the starter packs have deadlines. All the starter packs for a particular student must be completed within a period of 30 days once they are released. This cannot be extended at any cost. Since every starter pack will contain roughly 5 hours of content, it is advisable that you finish the same in a span of 30 days from the date of release.

    We completely understand that preferences and choices may change as you move on from time to time. You are allowed to change two of your Starter Packs. This can be done in one shot or you can do the same twice. To initiate this process, please drop an email to profileprep.

    Congratulations! This means you have reached a stage in your exploration journey where you know the career track that you want to pursue your advanced certification in. You can now go in for the advanced certification in that particular starter pack. If that doesn’t resonate with you, you can also go ahead and get your starter packs changed. To initiate the discussion, please drop an email to profileprep.

    If you have completed exploring all your starter packs, then you must now have a clear idea of which course you would want to specialise in by taking the advanced certification. You should ideally upgrade and complete an advanced certification in the program of your choice. Completing an advanced certification with CareerLabs comes at an additional cost for some students depending on the program that you have enrolled for. To initiate the discussion, please drop an email to profileprep.

    You can access the Aptitude Courses and the Starter Packs by clicking on to lxp.thecareerlabs.com. As soon as you click on the link, you will be prompted to login with your google account. Sign in with Google and you will be able to see all the courses that are available for you on the dashboard. Click on the course that you want to explore and start prepping. In case you have problems logging on or accessing any course, please write to profileprep and we would be glad to help.

    Some of the Starter Courses that are released to you have interesting assignments at the end of the course that can be used as the first step to your Mini Project. The skills that you pick up in the advanced courses can undoubtedly be used to implement some parts of your main project as well. Also, most students get their inspiration for their projects while they are pursuing their advanced courses. Nevertheless, your career mentor may be able to validate your project idea but you will be the one who has to put in the effort and make it a reality.

    If you are a student who has taken either the course that pertains to IOT or the course that pertains to Robotics and Mechatronics, then you will get a kit that has all the tools that will help you complete the assignment for that course. Our team will contact you to get the address and ship the kit accordingly. This kit is a part of your starter pack. For the other courses, no additional kit is necessary.

    Most of the time, the kits that we dispatch to students undergo stringent quality control processes to ensure that everything is working absolutely fine. Hence, there is a very thin chance that something might go wrong in the kit that you get along with your starter courses. However, in case you feel that something is not working, please do write to profileprep@localhost and our team will be glad to assist you regarding the same.

    Every Starter Course generally has about 5 hours of content that needs to be viewed. Given that there are 5 or 6 starter courses that are allocated to you, these courses are valid for a period of 30 days from the day of release of the starter packs. This is set so that you decide on your career tracks and proceed to the advanced certifications faster. Please do note that extension of starter packs is not encouraged under any circumstances.

    Undoubtedly yes! As a part of your existing subscription, most of you will already be eligible to take one advanced course at no extra cost. You can also take advanced courses depending on your interest. The fee for the same would have to be paid accordingly. To initiate the discussion, please drop an email to profileprep.

    The scores of the diagnostic tests and the technical tests have definitely been useful to narrow down on the right career tracks. You will be preparing for Aptitude tests and will revisit the aptitude tests that are a part of the course to see the improvement in your aptitude and reasoning levels.

    Your career Mentor will definitely be able to validate the ideas for your academic papers. However, sourcing the forum and the idea of the same would be your responsibility because you know best about what you want to do.

    A good quality Internship with a stipend is offered to candidates who possess skills and advanced certifications pertinent to that particular domain. That is the reason why we strongly recommend you to do advanced courses. Once you finish your advanced courses, you are very likely to get an internship either through CareerLabs’ reference or by applying on your own on public and social media forums.