Just like there are on-campus recruitment drives held by companies for students in their final year, there are also off-campus drives conducted by several big and reputed companies. So, what exactly is an off-campus placement drive? And, how to apply for off-campus placement drives? Basically, when you obtain placement at a company without the involvement of your college in the process, it is known as an off-campus placement. This is most likely the route you will opt for if you choose not to get placed through campus recruitment or if you have missed out on opportunities due to various reasons.

Applying to a job by sending an application directly to the company you are aiming for can be done in a number of ways. So let’s take a look at a few. 

How To Apply For Off-Campus Placements?

There are several ways to apply for off-campus placement even if you chose not to apply through the campus recruitment conducted in your college.

  1. LinkedIn

One way to find a large number of job listings is to check the professional network LinkedIn. Thousands of companies post job listings, and so do hiring managers and HR professionals. You can add the fields you have a preference for, and you will be shown available positions at a variety of companies in those fields. The company will instantly be able to see your profile, skills, and the recommendations you have received from your connections, and will be able to gauge whether you will be a good fit for the position.

  1. Company Website Careers Page

If you have a specific company in mind that you would like to work at, you can go to their official website where there is bound to be a page entitled ‘Careers’ or ‘Jobs’ or something similar. This page will have all the positions they have available at the moment as well as directions on how to apply and whom to contact. This is a great method if they have an open position for your field, then you can directly send your application to the company through the right channels.

  1. Online Job Portals

There are several websites such as Naukri, Monster, AngelList, and more, where thousands of companies post their available positions. The algorithm of these is also likely to be designed to display jobs that are relevant to your qualifications and interests. These have gained a lot of popularity in the last decade, and millions of people have found work through these portals. And, if you want an internship and are wondering how to get off-campus internships, then Internshala is a portal that is designed for just that. It offers a large number of internship opportunities of varying duration and stipend, and in a variety of fields.

  1. Job Referrals 

Often, companies offer their employees a referral bonus if the person they recommended gets hired. So you should not hesitate to reach out if you know somebody at a particular company that you would like to work at. This person will be able to share your profile with the Human Resources department, who will then get in touch with you if you match the requirements for the position being hired for.

  1. Hiring Challenges

This is applicable especially for Computer Engineers — companies that are looking to hire coders and computer engineers host hiring competitions on platforms such as HackerEarth, TechGig, and HackerRank. Coding questions and concepts, and code development contests are used to then choose the next set of hires for the company.

CareerLabs ELEV8 App

The new CareerLabs offering is the ELEV8 app, which aims to provide an all-in-one space for students to build their profile for placements and higher studies. The app also makes off-campus placements more accessible by providing a single platform for students and graduates to discover ongoing off-campus drives and opportunities.

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We hope the above information is useful to you and you are now fully aware of how to get off-campus placement. You will be able to find a job that is a good fit for you if you are patient and dedicated to the process. There are several avenues to get a great job, and you never know when the perfect opportunity will fall into your lap. So keep your CV updated, and good luck!


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