Most colleges provide placement opportunities to the students during the final year of study. Every college has a placement department that is responsible for conducting recruitment drives every year for students from different branches of study. However, not all colleges conduct on campus placements and therefore, students have to look for employment opportunities outside college. This is where freshers off campus drive or freshers recruitment drives by companies really help students. 

What are Freshers Recruitment Drives?

Recruitment drives are often organised by multinational companies to hire large groups of individuals for available positions at their firms. Some of these drives are aimed at recruiting freshers. These drives are generally aimed at hiring some of the best talents and resources for their respective firms. It involves several procedures such as multiple interview rounds to screen the applicants, shortlisting the competent individuals and finally providing the offer letter to the selected candidates. Many firms even use learning technology tools during the interview process. Let us now see how the interview rounds are usually conducted. 

Interview Rounds for Freshers During Recruitment Drives

Following are the rounds of interview that you generally have to through during a freshers recruitment drive:

  1. Written Test/Online Assessment — A general aptitude test is conducted to assess your basic analytical skills, logical reasoning skills, personality traits (psychometric analysis) to evaluate your competency.
  2. Group Discussion — A group discussion session is conducted with the students who are shortlisted after the written test. Each candidate has to put forth their views regarding the topic given to them. This round is to analyse how an individual performs in a group and if they are able to communicate their thoughts effectively.
  3. Technical Interview — As the name suggests, this interview is to examine the technical skills of each candidate. You will have to answer questions presented to you on coding, software or hardware terminologies, design, testing, etc. on the basis of the position you are applying for.
  4. Face to Face Interview — This round is usually with the manager under whom you would be working. Questions related to the particular field will be asked to you as well as personal questions. 
  5. HR Interview — This is the final round that is conducted by the HR department of each company. It is to determine whether you will be the right fit for their firm. You may be asked questions on how flexible you are to work from different locations or shift timings, etc.

Now that you are aware about recruitment drives and how they are conducted, let us learn more about the application process. 

Application Process

Since these drives are generally conducted by each multinational corporation, they will have portals on their websites especially for the application process. These portals are updated by the HR team. Details of the vacancies or positions available and the eligibility criteria will be mentioned. Once you take a look at the application process, see if you are eligible, then the next step is registering for the freshers recruitment drive. Ensure to read all the criteria and check if you fulfill all of them before proceeding to register. You need to fill in your basic contact information such as name, email address, percentage of marks of your 10th, 12th and graduation, year of passing, etc. The portal will also contain information about the recruitment process in brief along with the last date to submit your application. 

Companies that Conduct Freshers Recruitment Drives 

Companies like HCL, Infosys, Accenture, IBM, TCS and L&T all conduct freshers recruitment drives periodically. You can search for more details about these drives on their website. 

For instance, HCL displays the openings available for freshers on their company website. The eligibility criteria, skills required, location of job, etc. are also mentioned on the portal. The roles and responsibilities of the job will also be clearly given so that you have detailed  information of the position you are applying to.

Accenture also has a section on their website specifically for Entry level professionals. You also have further classification of jobs according to the degree (i.e) B.Sc/BCA or B.E/B.Tech graduates. If you are applying in Accenture, you must fill out a registration form with your basic information — name, date of birth, email ID, mobile number, education details, location preferred, government issued ID details) and complete your registration process by clicking on the Submit button. 

On the other hand, the IBM portal has job postings by location listed for Entry level positions. You can search for the job by entering the job title or location you prefer to work from.

Find Off Campus Freshers Recruitment Drives through CareerLabs’s Elev8 App 

CareerLabs has launched an Elev8 app that helps you look for jobs on the basis of your year of passing out, the degree you have completed and your area of specialisation. Some of the jobs you can look for in the app include  Software Roles, BPO Jobs, Sales and Marketing Roles, Engineering Roles, etc. You can also enrol for freshers recruitment drives and receive notifications for the same. In addition to the above, the app provides technical interview preparation, resume building services, aptitude preparation and more. 

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We hope you gained a better understanding of how a freshers recruitment drive is conducted, the application process and other details. While most of these drives help you to secure jobs directly, some of them will also require you to complete a 8- 10 week intensive training program before you begin working for the firm. 

Good Luck!


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