An executive MBA program is designed for working professionals who want to pursue a management degree while continuing with their job. Many business schools offer flexible class schedules for the EMBA course. While some are completely online, others conduct classes in-person, either in the evenings or over the weekends. This allows students to work full-time, earn a full-time salary and complete their degrees. But you must have wondered, is taking a senior executive MBA the right move for your career now? Well, here are some pointers that’ll help you decide.  

  1. Work Experience

The majority of applicants applying for an EMBA are working professionals. This is in contrast to an MBA program where work experience is appreciated but not mandatory. Unlike the regular MBA, this course caters to those who want to boost their career prospects, not build them from scratch. If you fit in this bracket, then you’re on the right track!

  1. Accelerating Career and Personal Growth

Most senior EMBA applicants opt for this program to accelerate their career progression rather than changing their career trajectory. This boosts their decision-making skills and allows them to take up more responsibilities and leadership roles. The credibility and skill set acquired through the program further helps in personal growth. If you are looking to develop and grow your business skill set, then the EMBA program is for you. 

  1.  Multitasking and Flexibility 

Since the EMBA program is designed for full-time working professionals, it gives you the flexibility to earn and learn at the same time. Classes are generally scheduled in the evenings or over weekends, and some business schools also provide online classes for the program. This allows you to balance your work, personal life and studies. For those who can dedicate time beyond work hours and require such flexibility in their schedule, the senior EMBA program would be ideal. 

An EMBA program is the best choice for you if you are someone who has several years of experience and wants to attain a higher position at the company. So, yes, taking a Senior Executive MBA is the right move for your career now. However, consider the above information and do your research before making a decision. Good luck.


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