Placements are an important criteria when it comes to deciding which B-school is the best for your MBA aspirations. This article compares MBA placement statistics from 4 top business schools in India: ISB, IIM-A, IIM-B & IIM-C for 2020. 


ISB has a placement process that integrates the students of PGP from both Mohali and Hyderabad and Mohali. The placement takes around four months and a series of on-campus interviews take place along with many job postings. The students will gain an insight into the recruitment process , the companies participating in the interview process and their national/global presence.  The candidates will receive pre-placement talks before the interview procedure begins. After the interview, the recruiters will share a list of the shortlisted candidates and make the final offer of employment to the students.

Class Size: 890 

Sector wise placements (%) 

Media 2
Finance 12
Conglomerate 2
Consulting 22
Education 2
FMCG/Retail/ Consumer Durables 7
High Technology Electronics/Manufacturing/Service 1
Real Estate/ Construction/ Infrastructure 2
Manufacturing 1
Energy 4
Pharma/ Biotech/ Healthcare / Hospitals 4
Technology 6
Telecom 1
Transportation/ Logistics / Operations 2
IT Consulting 2
Others 2

Salary Data: 

80% Mean: INR 25,06,434 

80% Median: INR 24,10,000

IIM – A 

The placement process for IIM A happens during the final year of graduation. A very impressive range of companies from all over the world and India visit the IIM-A campus every year and hunt for the best students for their firm. Another important leverage for these students is that the institute’s alumni who are in top positions at firms provide a sustainable competitive advantage since the firms will prefer to select future graduates also from the same campus. A new cohort-based system is implemented which allows the recruiters to observe the students over a longer period which in turn allows the students to pursue various career options.

No. of Students who sought placements: 391 

Offers Accepted: 388 

Sector-wise placements (%) 

Agri Inputs0.773196
Conglomerates 5.927835
Consulting 35.56701
Consumer goods11.08247
Consumer Services 0.773196
Engineering/Technology 2.835052
Information Technology 11.85567
Manufacturing 1.030928
Media/Communications 1.28866
Online Services6.185567
Telecom 1.546392
Others 2.835052

Salary Data: 


Mean: INR 22,50,000

Median: INR 22,82,464 


The recruitment process for IIM B is very straightforward, it is done in 3 ways – Entry level full time positions, Lateral positions for experienced students and an eight week full-time summer internship program. The final placements usually happen in the month of March while the lateral positions are filled in from December to February. You can also make use of the placement guide which is available with the university.

No. of Students: 432

No. of Offers: 518

Sector-wise placements (%) 

Business Analytics 3
Corporate Finance & Commercial Banking 10
General Management13
Information Technology 14
Management Consulting 37
Marketing & Sales 11
Operations 3
Retail 2

Salary Data 


Mean: INR 26,18,000

Median: INR  25,00,000


Sector-wise (%) 

Consulting 20
IT/Software 9
Others 5

Salary Data 

Mean: INR 26,31,000

Median: INR  23,23,000


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