Degree from a distance: Is Online MBA worth it?

Online MBA is a convenient way for working professionals to upskill themselves without leaving their jobs. In this program, courses are conducted through video lectures or recordings of the same. Students can watch and review the lecture at any time of the day or week which they prefer. 

Recently online MBA programs have gained popularity, especially after the COVID 19 pandemic. 

Ideally, it is best suited for working professionals because they can give their career a boost and enhance chances of promotion within the company. Many times, the employers themselves sponsor the education. The program generally takes 2 to 3 years to complete. 

Flexibility is one of the main reasons why some students choose an online MBA program. Not only can you study and watch the lectures at your own pace but you can also take exams at  your convenience. Most working professionals choose this program as they can study while they earn. Due to its virtual nature, it is also comparatively cheaper than a traditional MBA program. However, at the same time, this hinders the networking potential of B-school students. There is almost no scope for connecting with professionals from diverse backgrounds which helps gain rapid growth in the business world. You also have limited or no direct contact with your professors. Even though the trend is now changing, we still observe some recruiters preferring a regular MBA candidate over an online MBA one.

Flexible StudyLess exposure: No Networking
Study while you earnLack of 1-to-1 interaction
Low costLack of recognition from recruiters
Saves Time & EnergyLesser pay

Bottom line: Both traditional and online MBA programs help you accelerate your career substantially. To answer the question, is an online MBA worth it? It depends on your personality and post MBA goals. An online MBA demands a certain level of motivation and focus from your side as you will be working at your own pace. Some people fit better in a structured curriculum and face-to-face interaction so for them, the traditional MBA might be a better choice. If you are at an early stage of your career, looking to expand your connections, discover new career opportunities, enjoy campus life and activities then an online MBA might not be the right choice for you. However, if you are self-motivated, prefer to work at your own pace, have personal obligations, and most importantly, are already working at an established company and do not want to leave your job,  then you should go for the online MBA program. 

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