The Indian School of Business (ISB) is one of the most prestigious business schools in India. Established in 2001, the ISB has two campuses located in Mohali, Punjab, and Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh. It is also the highest ranked business school currently in India amongst the Global MBA rankings.  The ISB is mostly known for its post graduate program in management (PGP). There are several factors to consider if you plan on applying for the PGP at ISB. We will discuss these in the upcoming sections.

Eligibility Criteria 

The general eligibility criteria for seeking admission into ISB are as follows:

  1. Should have obtained an undergraduate degree 
  2. Should have gained valid and sufficient amount of work experience
  3. Should have procured a good and valid GMAT score  

According to  ISB, a good GMAT score would be any score at or above 700. 

ISB Application Deadlines  

The application process takes place three times within a year. The application deadlines for the ISB application process are as follows:

Round Application deadlines 
First-round7th to 14th of February, 2021
Second round21st to 28th of February, 2021
Third round 7th to 14th of March, 2021

However, if you are looking to apply for a scholarship it is highly recommended you apply in the first round itself.

Can you pursue a graduate program at ISB as a fresher?

One of the most popular courses offered by ISB is the Post Graduate Program (PGP). As a fresher, there are two ways you can secure admission into this program. The three ways you can pursue PGP as a fresher are as follows: 

A) Young Leaders Program (YLP)

The Young Leaders Program (YLP) is offered to students who are pursuing their undergraduate program and are in their final year. The objective of the YLP is to train and groom students who perform well into young leaders. In order to apply for the YLP, it is essential you are familiar with the application process. The YLP follows a three-step applications process, the process is as follows: 

  1. Step one: An application form will be available to you, which you are to fill and submit. The form will require you to list down all your personal details, educational qualifications along with academic and non- academic achievements. Along with the form you are also required to submit an essay outlining your motivation to join the YLP. If you get shortlisted, then you proceed to step two of the application process.
  1. Step two:  In the second stage of the application process, you are additionally required to submit two more essays based on the topic of general interest provided to you and submit details of your professor or employer for reference. You are also required to submit your GMAT score as well. If your essays are well- structured with a strong command over the English lagaune and if you have obtained a good GMAT score, you will be shortlisted and will proceed to the third step of the application process.
  1. Step three: The third and final step of the application process consists of a personal interview that will take place with the officials of ISB. 

B)    Early Entry Option (EEO)

The Early Entry Option is offered for individuals who have completed their undergraduate degree and are currently pursuing a job, but who have less than a year of work experience. Such individuals can apply for the PGP, and acquire sufficient work experience and defer their admission to when they have decided they have enough work experience to pursue the PGP at ISB.


The total cost of pursuing a PGP at ISB roughly costs around 35,00,000 to 40, 00,000 rupees. While the fee is high, there are scholarships you can avail of to ease your financial burden. However, it is important to note that at ISB, scholarships are only based on merit. A full fee waiver is offered to students with extraordinary academic performance and achievements. Although, a full fee waiver is very rarely granted. The partial fee waiver is more common and is granted to students with excellent academic performance but the amount covered is less than 5,00,00 rupees.  An exception to scholarships based on merit would be the need-based scholarships offered to students whose family income is less than 25,00,000 rupees. A proof of financial statement along with a  supporting essay should be provided to avail the scholarship.

We have provided you with an exhaustive guide to the ISB application process, ISB fees and scholarships, ISB eligibility criteria, ISB application deadlines, and much more. So, roll up your sleeves and start applying! 


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