Ever explored the different available MBA programs? Full-time, part-time, global, executive? If you are a working professional looking to enhance your career and also gain some global exposure, then the Global Executive MBA is the perfect choice for you!  

A Global Executive MBA program is designed for working professionals who typically have 8-10 years of work experience and want to gain an international perspective on business management. The average age of students studying an Executive MBA is around 32 to 38 years. The program is intended for those who will be pursuing a degree alongside their full-time job. Keeping this in mind, many EMBA programs are conducted in the evenings, weekends or are offered as part-time courses. 

How different is an EMBA from a global EMBA? 

The key difference between a regular EMBA program and a Global EMBA program is the structure of the program and modules l offered. The global EMBA focuses largely on international business management, thus allowing students to gain knowledge on how to create a global impact. A driving factor behind the creation of such programs was rapid globalisation across the world. Larger integration amongst countries has generated new jobs and broadened job scopes that require global perspectives. The global EMBA aims to encourage and create career growth opportunities for professionals. Thus, giving them an edge over the others by increasing their global diversity and exposure to international business practices and strategies. 

Furthermore, the Covid-19  pandemic has transformed the work culture even at a global level. As we move to the work-from-home era, we see that location is not a limitation any more. This could result in a higher demand for more diverse and global job roles. 

Advantages of a global EMBA

· Flexibility-allows you to pursue a degree while earning a salary and working a full-time job.

· Career growth opportunity-helps working professionals broaden  their job scope and expand their accomplishments 

· International exposure-gaining global exposure gives working professionals an edge by allowing them to broaden their views and knowledge in their existing field. 

· Global connections-helps professionals network with global leaders and like-minded professionals from all over the world. 

Now you must be aware of the benefits of pursuing the Global Executive MBA. You need to decide if pursuing this program is the fit for your career. Do your research and start applying!


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