While most MBA students do get recruited by top firms and get paid highly, having additional skills adds even more value to one’s career. This is where taking up additional certification courses really helps. Not only do these certifications help upgrade your skills and enhance your knowledge but also assure a much higher salary, and not to mention a higher position as well. 

In this article, we have listed down a few certifications for MBA students. So, keep reading!

Various Certification for MBA Students

Mentioned below are the various certifications for MBA students to choose after they graduate from a business school.

  1. Google Project Management: Professional Certification

If you’re a tech professional looking to make a mark in the tech industry and want to leverage your managerial skills learned during your MBA, then the Google Project Management Certification is a game changer. Not only does the certification focus on the essentials of project management methodologies such as AGILE and SCRUM, but also is a recognised prerequisite course to the CAPM certification offered by the Project Management Institute. Hence, the Project Management Certification offered by Google tops the list of certification courses for MBA students after graduating.

  1. Digital Marketing

The best certification for marketing students is a digital marketing course. With most industries opting to increase their digital presence, the demand for digital marketing specialists has risen over the past few years. Hence, students with a generalist MBA or MBA in marketing can use a digital marketing certification to stay updated with changing trends in the industry and upskill to land a high paying job. 

  1. Financial Modelling and Valuation

The financial modelling and valuation certification is one of the most essential certifications for MBA finance students aspiring to pursue a career in investment banking. Moreover, financial modelling and valuation courses also help learn other tools such as advanced excel, which is extremely important for any business function today. Whether you’re looking to become an equity research analyst or an investment analyst, the financial modelling certification should be a part of your professional portfolio in addition to your MBA in finance and accounting qualification.

  1. Advanced Excel

Whether you’re a data scientist or a human resource specialist, advanced MS excel skills are absolutely essential to understand business operations and present data in a meaningful way. If you’re looking for a career in the payroll function of the HR space, then advanced excel is an essential certification. However, most recruiters today look for knowledge in advanced excel when looking to hire candidates for top managerial positions.

The above-mentioned are some of the certifications for MBA students, there are several others that you can take up to improve your chances of getting a good and high paying job. 

All the best!  

1) When should I earn a certification?
There is no ideal time to plan a certification; however, the best time to earn a certification is when you feel you need to upskill and gain knowledge on using industry specific tools. Identifying your career path during your MBA studies is certainly the first step to deciding the certification that will help the most.

2) Are certifications for MBA necessary?
Ideally, if you have work experience and an MBA from a top-tier university or business school, a certification may be redundant. However, if there is a particular skill you want to pick up or charter certification to earn a designation such as the PMP, then a certification may be required. 

3) Are certifications a good replacement for MBA programmes?
While many individuals have succeeded in the field of finance and business operations with the help of certifications and experience, an MBA opens doors to various other fields as well, enhancing your overall career, which a certification alone cannot do. 


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