The UCLA Post Graduate Program in Management for Executives (UCLA PGPX), offered by UCLA Anderson School of Management is a much-coveted general management program. The one-year-long part-time program is tailor-made to teach advanced management concepts to senior working professionals and entrepreneurs. The part-time curriculum of the program provides an opportunity to the working professionals with jaded schedules to learn from UCLA faculty and other industry key leaders. 

Below are 8 things you must consider before applying to UCLA’s PGPX program. 

  • Ability to study alongside work: Even though the program is designed such that even professionals with high work responsibility can contribute to the program requirements, one must consider their current responsibilities to find out whether they can set aside time to study. 
  • Year of Experience: The program requires a minimum 8 years of work experience where one must have had experience in leading teams, managing projects etc. 
  • Location: Location might play a key role as your location of work may vary with respect to your campus location. Hence, you have to weigh the pros and cons of going on campus versus enrolling in the program online before making a decision. 
  • Career Goals: You must consider whether your long term career goals align with the immediate outcome of the program. It’s always advisable to find out how the program aids in getting closer to your future goals, before you enrol for one. 
  • Pedagogy: The program is based on an experiential learning model with hands on simulation, case competition and executive coaching. You must consider if you would thrive in a program that uses the said pedagogy. 
  • Fees: The program fees alone without any other expense costs 28,000 USD.
  • Duration of Program: Since the duration of the program is a year, one might consider if one would have the bandwidth to enroll in a rigorous academic course alongside work for a year. 
  • Quality of Peer group: The UCLA PGPX program is known for its huge alumni network. As a professional, you might want to consider if getting access to alumni and networking with peers will aid in their professional growth or not. 

The aforementioned points will help you deep dive into the features of the program. We hope that this article helps you make an informed decision. 


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