5 Steps to Ace Your Campus Interview

 Getting a good job in the campus placement phase of college is one of the top priorities of a final-year student. Campus placements provide an excellent opportunity for students to connect with recruiters, attend interviews and land internships or jobs at top companies. It is difficult to stand out from the crowd during the application and selection phase, with the competition being tough and the number of offers made is limited. Here are 5 tips that will help you put your best foot forward when it comes to placements.

  1. In-depth Research

One of the most commonly asked questions in a campus placement interview is ‘Why do you want to work here’, or ‘what do you bring to this company?’. To tackle these questions, you must know all the details about the company in-depth and are aware of the company’s values. Now how do you begin to learn about the company? First, you could commence by browsing about the company on the internet- reading website blogs, articles or news mentions. Additionally, you can even talk to the current and ex-employees of the company to understand how the company essentially functions and what the work culture is like.

2. Be thorough with your job profile

Go through your job profile thoroughly and prepare for the questions that could be asked regarding your role. It is important that you analyze what the role requirements are and whether you are a good fit for it. Even if you do not have enough work experience, you can always demonstrate your ability to learn and passion for the job.

3. Perfect your resume

Your resume is the first impression the recruiter (or the ATS – Applicant Tracking System) makes of you. So, you have to make sure that your resume is ATS friendly, and secondly that it looks organized and professional. You should keep your resume short, clear and concise, the recruiters will not want to read a 5-page resume that explains all your college projects, etc. While it is crucial that you mention all your achievements and educational qualifications, you must also ensure to not give away all information so that you have something to explain to the interviewer during the actual interview. This can help to build a good impression.

4. Look confident and professional

You should dress in formal clothes, but don’t overdo it. Try to pause and think before answering the questions from the recruiters. You must speak slowly and clearly so that you don’t fumble while answering the questions or run out of words to speak. Make sure you don’t use too many fillers like hmm,er, etc. while answering the questions. Do work on your communication skills from now so that you are well prepared. If you are nervous, you can practice with a few mock interviews with your friends

5. Prepare for Technical Questions before-hand

If it is a technical interview, chances are that you will get questions that require a deeper level of understanding of the subject. You will also need to demonstrate your analytical thinking skills. Therefore if you’re showing up for a technical interview, it is recommended that you revisit the fundamentals of your subjects before the interview. Another strategy to help you with your performance is to get your peers to test you.

Above all things, it is most essential that you be your genuine authentic self. Do not try to fake any aspect of yourself just to be liked by the interviewer. Be original and prepare thoroughly to enjoy the placement process. All the best!


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