Are you on the waiting list for your dream school? Not to worry, you are still in the right place. However, rather than being dissatisfied, try to think of the waiting list as a new opportunity. At the very least, being placed on the waiting list is better than being not. You can try some steps to move ahead from your waiting list.

Here is the 5-step process to get off an MBA Waitlist:

  1. Read the waitlist guidelines carefully.

The waitlist guidelines give a lot of information, such as how to join the list (if necessary), what kind of updates the school accepts, and how to contact your waitlist manager.

This information varies with each institution, so if you’re on many waitlists, it’s vital to know what levers you have at your disposal for each. Then you may begin devising a waitlist strategy.

  1. Identify the gap in your application

If you’ve been placed on a waiting list, there’s probably some room for improvement on your application. Perhaps you may have a poor GMAT score or a low GPA. Alternatively, you may lack a strong extracurricular activity to highlight in your application. If you’re on the waiting list, it’s essential to recognise the shortcomings in your application.

  1. Request for application review

Some institutions are ready to provide comments on why you were placed on the waitlist. Make the most of this chance. They may also provide recommendations to help you get off the waiting list.

  1. Send updates periodically

Send in the modifications once you’ve taken efforts to enhance your application. Your new GMAT score, employment upgrades such as promotions, or even updated recommendations might all be included in your updates. You should also reaffirm your dedication to the institution and your enthusiasm for it. Once every 3-4 weeks, keep the lines of contact open.

  1. Think out of the box

So far, we have touched upon managing the waitlist status. Nevertheless, to be on the waitlist provides an excellent opportunity to be clever as long as it never violates the waiting list instructions.

For example, because many schools (including Chicago Booth) are now allowing video letters, using that medium to offer important updates while displaying your personality might be a fantastic alternative. Another way is to get in touch with a current student or member of the alumni who understands you and will offer you a letter of recommendation explaining why you’d be a good match for their institution. 

These 5 steps are incredibly important to keep in mind when you are thinking about getting off an MBA waitlist.


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