An MBA dual degree is an easy way of completing two master’s programs in one go. You will be able to pursue core courses in one program as electives in another, thus allowing you to complete two degrees in a short period of time. An MBA Dual Degree program allows students to customize their education in the direction of their specific interests and career aspirations. These programs provide students with the opportunity to study another discipline outside business subjects in order to examine the interface of business with other fields of study. For example, some of the specializations of MBA programs are – Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, Innovation, International Business, and more. You can take the next step towards your personal and professional goals with an MBA Dual Degree.  Some of the popular options while opting for a second degree with dual MBA programs are – 

MBA/MD, MBA/MPH, MBA/MS in Healthcare Management, MBA/MS in Journalism, MBA/MPH.

By doing a dual MBA you can have leverage over others but you may not have more knowledge than the ones who are constrained to a single program. But if you believe you can manage to do it, then you must go ahead. It will enable you to possess both technical and management skills that empower you to a very challenging profession and opens the doors to a large pool of clientele. However, it is recommended that you pursue your dual degree MBA in a premier business school.

In India, numerous colleges offer dual MBA programs, some of them are-:

1.    Christ University, Bangalore

2.    Doon Business School, Dehradun.

3.    School of Business Management SVKM’s Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies, Mumbai. 

4.    Jamia Hamdard, New Delhi

A few advantages you gain by completing a Dual degree MBA program are listed below:

  • Improved skill set- This is inclusive of learning new analytical skills, managerial skills, time management, decision making and problem-solving skills along with in-depth specialized knowledge.
  • Job security –  In such uncertain times and with an unstable economy, a dual MBA degree could provide you with the protection you need against the termination of jobs and recessions.
  • Networking  – You will gain access to a wide network of individuals which will allow you to make valuable connections.
  • Increased opportunities –  You will have the options for better and advanced career options right from the moment you graduate. This also comes with a good compensation package and benefits.

Few ways to boost your dual MBA degree application are-:

1.    Define your career goals

2.    Identify prospective business schools

3.    Inculcate good lifestyle habits

4.    Develop leadership skills

If you would like to pursue a dual degree MBA then you will have to make that decision after deciding how it will help boost your career aspirations and assist you to reach your career goals.


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