When applying for a job, the way in which you present your skills and accomplishments in your resume is as important as the amount of experience you have. A clearly-written resume can impress the recruiters and give you an edge over other applicants. However, in most cases, applicants like you still include the same old overused action words like led, assisted, oversaw and more, to highlight your skills and other information. Recruiters go through hundreds of resumes everyday and it could get incredibly monotonous for them to appreciate the quality of the work and effort put in the resume if they’re reading it in the same format over and over again. For this reason, it is necessary for you to use creative action words, ones that stand out, to catch a recruiter’s eye. Furthermore, the usage of a power word over a normal action word can also amplify the impact of your work. 

For example, imagine you’ve written you were “responsible for the execution of a task” on your resume. Now, if you simply rephrase that to “spearheaded the execution of the task”, this will instantly make your resume more impactful. This article will serve as a readily available guide to impactful action words that can be used in your resume to create such an impact. You can easily rephrase your already existing resume using these words and make it more noticeable .

1. Cultivated51.              Acted
2. Authorized52.              Formulated
3. Administered53.              Applied
4. Coordinated54.              Built
5. Corresponded55.              Supervised
6. Facilitated56.              United
7. Collaborated57.              Instructed
8. Encouraged58.              Performed
9. Established59.              Influenced
10. Spearheaded60.              Mediated
11. Adviced61.              Moderated
12. Guided62.              Addressed
13. Orchestrated63.              Arbitrated
14. Contributed64.              Proposed
15. Clarified65.              Publicised
16. Harmonized66.              Reconciled
17. Ignited67.              Persuaded
18. Moderated68.              Negotiated
19. Fostered69.              Mediated
20. Supported70.              Enlivened
21. Enabled71.              Conveyed
22. Mobilized72.              Critiqued
23. Partnered73.              Lobbied
24. Participated74.              Counseled
25. Volunteered75.              Forecasted
26. Accomplished76.              Reviewed
27. Navigated77.              Accelerated
28. Negotiated78.              Generated
29. Undertook79.              Improved
30. Launched80.              Expedited
31. Mentored81.              Stimulated
32. Strengthened82.              Outpaced
33. Streamlined83.              Trained
34. Handled84.              Evaluated
35. Instituted85.              Solved
36. Implemented86.              Proved
37. Monitored87.              Referred
38. Yielded88.              Motivated
39. Maximized89.              Dynamic
40. Inspected90.              Determined
41. Designed91.              Devoted
42. Illustrated92.              Genuine
43. Invented93.              Meticulous
44. Resolved94.              Ingenuous
45. Pioneered95.              Persistent
46. Established96.              Sincere
47. Drafted97.              Honest
48. Enhanced98.              Curious
49. Conceptualized99.              Insightful
50. Directed100. Competent

Now that you have a list of these action words, it’s time to compare your old resume to your newly edited one and add some of these words at relevant places to make your resume standout. 


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