Are you interested in pursuing business management? Taking the GMAT or not is your dilemma? Here are ten reasons why you should write the GMAT examination.  

  1. Business schools prefer a GMAT score

The foremost reason as to why you should take GMAT is due to the fact that most admission committees prefer the GMAT over other tests. This is because a huge number of applicants for years have been taking up the GMAT, which makes it easier for the admission committees to compare and contrast while choosing the best out of the lot. Taking the GMAT reflects a student’s seriousness to pursue a business degree. 

  1. Good GMAT score

A good GMAT score can help a student get better employability. Recruiters may consider the score to evaluate a student’s aptitude. 

  1. Global recognition 

The GMAT is a globally recognised standardised test, which is taken by students all around the world.  Around 7,000 MBA and graduate programs in over 2,300+ schools use the GMAT exam as an eligibility criteria for those seeking admissions into their institutes.

  1. Standardised test

The GMAT exam is a standardized test that is accepted worldwide. This is beneficial as  it is a parameter to compare students in a fair manner. Additionally, there is no “surprise” element of the test. The format and structure of GMAT remains the same, making preparing for the GMAT a lot easier than other exams.

  1. Customised according to difficulty levels 

The GMAT customises the exam according to the candidate’s aptitude level which means if a student keeps getting answers wrong, then easier questions will appear for the candidate. Similarly, students who get correct answers will be presented with tougher questions. In this manner, GMAT exams aim to provide an accurate representation of each candidate’s acquired knowledge . 

  1. Retaking the GMAT 

Unlike other exams which are conducted only once or twice a year, the GMAT allows multiple takes in the same year.  You can take the GMAT upto 5 times in an academic one year. This eases the burden on you, as you can take it according to your convenience and if at all you are not satisfied with your GMAT score, you can consider retaking the GMAT. In addition, the fear of missing an exam due to an illness or medical issues is eliminated as well.

  1. All round the year 

The GMAT  exam is offered all year long with the test centers situated in every major city in India This  provides you the flexibility of writing the exam any time during  the year. Students can schedule their preferred date as per their convenience and by gauging their preparation process. 

  1. Score Validity 

Once you’ve completed writing the GMAT , that GMAT score is valid for 5 years. This allows a candidate to write the exam when they are relatively free and before they take up any time pressing activities, either professional and personal responsibilities. 

  1. Skill sets necessary  

A GMAT score helps measure a student’s critical thinking and reasoning skills – skills that are much needed for a professional career. Such skills are useful not just for admission into a business school, but also help you flourish and thrive in the industry you wish to work in.

  1. Expands your scope 

Taking the GMAT exam paves and opens up several avenues you can pursue. The chances of you getting into the top university or university of choice increases. Securing admission at a top university will in turn guarantee a higher pay as you will secure a job at a reputed firm. All in all, the GMAT broadens your scope and facilitates career growth.

We have listed 10 reasons as to why taking the GMAT exam is beneficial for you in the long run. We hope to have provided you with a lot more clarity so that you can make the right choice keeping in mind your conveniences. Now all there is left for you to do is ace the GMAT!


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