Have you been considering pursuing a degree in business management, entrepreneurship and leadership? A Master’s in Management (MIM) should be on the top of your list. The Master’s in Management was originally developed in Europe, to help professionals boost their career in its initial stage. In addition, it helps you gain advanced general management knowledge, despite you having never learnt a management subject. After completing your MIM programme you will either graduate with a Master of Science (M.Sc.) or a Master of Arts (M.A.) degree.

Here are the top 10 reasons why you should do a Master’s in Management:

  1. Little or no work experience required 

One of the biggest pros of doing a Master’s in Management is that it offers you a way to immediately advance your business acumen after graduating with an undergraduate degree. An MBA program usually requires a considerable amount of work experience (3-5 years) before you can even apply. But for MIM, most schools require either no work experience or a maximum of one year. Thus, the MIM program has become the best alternative, as it provides the foundation to kick-start your career and at the same time assists young graduates get excellent job opportunities. 

  1. Comparatively less expensive compared to an MBA 

A MIM costs far less than a traditional MBA program. While MIM in Europe proves to be an expensive affair, the maximum tuition fees for MIM would still be far less than the minimum tuition fee for an MBA For example, an MBA in HEC Paris has an annual tuition fee of 76,000 EUR and a MIM in the same school costs 22,000 EUR. Moreover, with the business world exposure that MIM offers, one can expect to land a good job after graduation and expect to recover the returns in investment rather quickly.

  1. Versatile study experience 

If you plan on pursuing a MIM, you will have the option to choose from numerous electives across various disciplines. You can even pursue a second language if you’d like to as a part of your MIM. The MIM offers in-depth theoretical knowledge within an excellent learning environment. Many business schools have made it mandatory to pursue internship programmes for the holistic development of students. This makes the MIM programme quite versatile and in line with what the current global market needs.

  1. Increase in Popularity in recent years 

MIMs have become increasingly popular both among students and employers. Even though the program originated in Europe, a growing number of organisations all around the world want to hire MIM graduates. In addition, the potential salary after pursuing MIM is equivalent to that of an MBA graduate.

  1.  Improve Managerial skills 

The MIM program helps in equipping future managers with complex business skills and knowledge. The program lays stress on developing leadership qualities. It often requires students to work in teams in high-pressure situations to develop problem-solving abilities. The course will help you gain interpersonal skills and teach you how to apply managerial theory pragmatically. 

  1. Recognized Internationally 

The program is well recognized in Asia, the US, Canada and Australia besides Europe. Most MIM programs are designed for students all across the globe, with courses being offered in English. Approximately 30% of all MIM students come from non-business backgrounds. Employers are keen on employing those with global experience and with a MIM you not only get a chance to network with international students but also to study and work abroad.

  1. Discover your Career path 

.While the MIM is a general degree, students also have an opportunity to explore different industries and choose their specialisation depending on their interests. 

  1. Increase your salary 

After completing any postgraduate degree, your salary increases significantly. With MIM, not only does your salary increase but also your returns on investment are rather spectacular when compared to any other management degree. Students even take up leadership and higher management positions in the company they’ve interned at after graduation.

  1. Build a network 

As is the case with any B-school program, MIM too offers an opportunity to build a professional network. It gives you access to like-minded individuals all across the globe. With many budding entrepreneurs and business leaders in one place, you most likely increase your chances for future business opportunities. Additionally, by connecting with your school’s alumni, you get exclusive access to the real business world. In fact, many of your university professors might be industry leaders themselves, who can be potential mentors to you and guide you while you build a business or a career.

  1. Get future-ready 

The job market in today’s world is changing rapidly, especially with the advent of advanced technology. Jobs that have existed in the past, do not exist today, similarly, jobs currently available may not be available in the future. With the MIM program, you are trained to perform various roles, equipping you as a future dynamic business leader. 

We have listed ten reasons as to why you should pursue a MIM program, all there is left for you to do is decide if the program is a right fit for you. All the best!  

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We have listed ten reasons as to why you should pursue a MIM program, all there is left for you to do is decide if the program is a right fit for you. All the best!  


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