Welcome to your Higher Studies Vs Job Quiz

Do you think getting specialised knowledge and skills in a particular domain will help in long run?
Do you quickly get involved in the social life of a new work-place
Do you rely on experience rather than on theoretical alternatives.
Are you inclined to experiment rather than follow familiar approaches.
Do you go ahead with tasks only when there is a clear and detailed plan.
Do you prefer to rely on improvisation rather than having the details before doing something
When you have a list of tasks to do, you prefer to multitask rather than focusing on singular tasks one at a time.
Do you work well and conveniently even under deadlines pressure
Are you financially unburdened?
Do you have the motivation to spend another two to seven years of your life specializing in academics?
Do you feel that grad school is the only way to achieve your set career goals?
Does Intellectual rigor, doing research and exchanging ideas with peers excites you?
Would you rather be in a bigger company with better paycheck than to have one PhD in ten years.
Do you wish to gain real-world work experience, clarify your larger life goals and confirm your career goals while saving money.
Are you in talks through your reasons and the information you gather with a career advisor, academic advisor, a faculty member or other trusted resource regarding your career goals?
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