Recent research now throws light on some information that (i) __________ the belief that electric vehicles have lower ecological impact. Infact, considering the manufacturing and disposal consequences, EVs use (ii) __________ resources compared to that of a conventional vehicle. 

Blank (i)Blank (ii)
A contradicts        D crepuscular         
B claims        E substantial         
C side-tracks       F inconsequential          

Blank (i)

Difficulty LevelMedium  
Information about the SubjectHas given information that does something to the popular belief.   
Structure WordHowever 
Plug- in WordChallenges    
Right Answer OptionA

Blank (ii)

Difficulty LevelMedium
SubjectElectric Vehicles     
Information about the SubjectThey use more resources than conventional vehicles 
Structure WordInfact 
Plug- in WordHigh level
Right Answer OptionsE


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