Prince William of Whales was known to be highly judicious with money, so much so that almost all historical records portray him to be (i) __________. In contrast, King George II of England was known for his (ii) __________. 

Blank (i)Blank (ii)
A meagreD poverty 
B lucky E prodigality  
C brave F carelessness   

Blank (i)

Difficulty LevelEasy 
SubjectPrince William of Whales
Information about the SubjectHighly judicious with money 
Structure WordSo much so 
Plug- in Wordpetty
Right Answer OptionA

Blank (ii)

Difficulty LevelEasy
SubjectKing George II of England
Information about the SubjectHe was different from William
Structure WordIn Contrast
Plug- in WordNot petty
Right Answer OptionsE

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