In addition to his more (i) ________ work as an astrophysicist, Neil deGrasse Tyson helped to (ii) ________ astronomy through his writing, television series, and connection with the space program.

Blank (i)Blank (ii)
A scholarlyD debate
B competentE popularize
C acceptableF inspire

In this question, it is easier to do the first blank. 

Blank (i)

Difficulty LevelEasy
SubjectNeil deGrass Tyson
Information about the Subjectwork as an astrophysicist
Structure WordIn addition to
Plug- in Wordacademic 
Right Answer OptionsA

Blank (ii)

Difficulty LevelEasy
Information about the SubjectThrough his writing, television series
Structure WordIn addition to
Plug- in Wordpopularize
Right Answer OptionsE

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