Quantity A Quantity B
xy 625


  • A. Quantity A is greater. 
  • B. Quantity B is greater. 
  • C. The two quantities are equal. 
  • D. The relationship cannot be determined from the information given.

Answer: B 


Trap answers: D or C – Relationship cannot be determined or Both the quantities are equal.

Nature of trap: Linear equation of two variables always requires two linear equations to find the solution. Read the question carefully. Not necessary that always you need to know the exact values to compare. 

Rule: If a question puts the condition on the variables then even one equation may give you the solution.


Given, sum of two numbers = 50

Product is maximum when two numbers are equal

If “x = y” then the value is 25

Product = 25*25=625

But given that “a is less than b” then the product is less than 625.


Maximum value of “xy” is only “x” and “y” are equal

So, Quantity B is greater than Quantity A

Hence the answer is B.


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