A. 24000
B. 22600
C. 21600
D. 15000
E. 12000

Answer: C

Let “x” be the total monthly salary, given that
40% of his salary = 40% of x = \frac{4}{10}x=\frac{2}{5}x
Remaining salary =x-\frac{2}{5}x = \frac{3}{5}x
Given that, 25% of rest on travelling expenses.
Remaining salary =\frac{3}{5}x-\frac{3}{20}x = \frac{9}{20}x
Given that, 80% of the rest on food expenses.
Remaining 20% is given as equal to 5400.
x = 60000
Food expenses = \frac{80}{100}(\frac{9}{20})x=\frac{36}{100}*6000=21600
Hence the answer is C.


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