Quantity A Quantity B
No. of hours, in all they take to complete the task  6


  • A. Quantity A is greater.
  • B. Quantity B is greater.
  • C. The two quantities are equal.
  • D. The relationship cannot be determined from the information given.

Answer: A


Let the total work units = 70 units

Rate of Aron = work/time =70/14=5 units per hour

Rate of Benny = work/time =70/10=7 units per hour

Aron worked for first 2 hours,

So, worked done by Aron in first 2 hours = Rate * time = 5 * 2 = 10 units

Remaining work, is 70 – 10 = 60 units

Now these 60 units, both Aron and Benny are working together.

Rate of Aron and Benny = 12 units per hour

So, time taken to complete the remaining task = work/rate=60/12=5 hours

Question has asked about how much in time in all, first 2 hours + together 5 hours. So totally 7 hours.

Quantity A is greater than B

Hence the answer is A


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