Indicate all such values

  • A. 4
  • B. 6
  • C. 8
  • D. 10
  • E. 12
  • F. 15
  • G. 20

Answer: A, B and C 


Trap answers: D, E and F

Nature of trap: Just blindly using the formula and not drawing the diagram. 

\frac{Volume of the cubiod}{Volume of the cube}=\frac{8*5*3}{ 2*2*2} =\frac{120}{8}=15

So, here most of the students end up choosing all the answers from A to F.

Rule: Draw the diagram two understand the number of cubes that could be placed along the length, width and height of the rectangular box.

We can see that, in the above diagram along the length four 2-inch cubes can be placed and along the width we can have 2 such rows. So, in total 8 2-inch cubes could be placed in the bottom and in the top, we cannot keep another 2-inch cube row inside as the box has to be completely placed in the inside the rectangular.

So, maximum number of boxes which could be kept inside is 8 boxes.

So, the answers are less than or equal to 8.

Hence the answers are A, B and C.


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