GMAT Results 2021

The GMAT has long been one of the most preferred entrance examinations for candidates aspiring to pursue an MBA degree overseas and India. This is because the GMAT score is an essential requirement for getting admission to many B-schools across the world. So have you answered this exam this year to get into the b-school of your choice? If yes, then are you waiting for the GMAT results 2021? Through this article, we will tell you all about your GMAT results/GMAT scores —  how long it takes to arrive, which sections are included in your official and unofficial and more. So read on!

How Long Does it Take to Get Your GMAT Results? 

On completing the exam you will immediately receive your raw score (i.e) the score which you have achieved in both your Quant and Verbal sections in the GMAT test. If you happen to view the GMAT score at the test centre, you will be provided with the option to either accept or reject the GMAT scores you have obtained. In case you choose to accept the scores, then the scores will be sent to the five schools that you have shortlisted prior to attempting the exam. On the other hand, if you are not satisfied with your scores then you can choose to reject the scores, following which the GMAT result will not be sent to any of the B-schools.

The GMAT also gives you the option to alter your scores by cancelling the score and providing you the choice to reinstate the same after you leave the test centre. However, you will have to pay a fee of  $50 to be able to reinstate your scores after cancelling the previous score. Similarly, if you initially decided to accept your scores and then decided to cancel the same, then you will have to make a fee payment of  $25 within 72 hours after your exam. The cancellation of scores can be done online by logging into your official GMAC account.

Your Official GMAT score report/ GMAt results 2021 will be sent to you after 20 calendar days of attempting the exam. You can print, view or download your official score report from this link. The official report will contain a scaled score of your performance in the Quantitative Aptitude section as well as Verbal Reasoning section. Additionally, your individual scores in the Analytical Writing and Integrated Reasoning section will also be provided. The total GMAT scores will not be influenced by your performance or by the scores you’ve acquired in the AWA and Integrated Reasoning section. The GMAT score report will also mention the GMAT percentile. This means you will receive a percentile score which will give you an estimate of how well you have performed in comparison to every 100 candidates who have attempted the GMAT exam. The GMAT results validity lasts upto to five years after you have attempted the GMAT exam. 

GMAT Result Table

In order to understand the GMAT scores and score report, we have created a GMAT result table so you can know what to expect in your score report. The table is as follows: 

Section Scaled scores 
Verbal Reasoning 0 to 60 
Quantitative Reasoning 0  to 60
Analytical Writing Assessment0  to 6
Integrated Reasoning  1  to 8
Total GMAT score  200 to 800

GMAT Score Reports 

In case you would like to send your scores to more than the 5 schools that you have shortlisted, then you can request for additional score reports online. For each additional report you order, you will have to make a payment of US $35. Moreover, if you would like to avail the rescoring service, you can do so by placing a request within 6 months of your test date and making a fee payment of US $45. This service is however available only for the AWA section and not extended to the Verbal, Quant or Integrated Reasoning sections. Do remember that the rescoring results will be final and it could result in either an increase or decrease in your original AWA score. There will be no refund once the rescoring request has been processed.

GMAT Enhanced Score Report

You can also request for a GMAT enhanced score report (ESR) which will give you an in depth understanding of your performance. It will also provide you an extensive overview of how you performed in each section of the exam – according to the question type, speed, areas of strengths, etc. This will prove to be extremely beneficial for the future as you can effectively prepare by improving your test taking strategies. However, obtaining an ESR will  cost you a fee of  $30.

 Additional Information 

The average GMAT score which is accepted by universities has relatively increased in recent years. This is due to the fact that there has been an increase in the number of applicants for the MBA program overseas. Although the results of the exam play a significant role towards gaining admission in the university of your choice, there are also other factors you should make note of that influence the admission procedure. 

Most of the top B-schools prefer to admit individuals who have exhibited some extracurricular achievements or success, come with various talents, are versatile and have the ability to contribute to their campus in an efficient  manner through their accomplishments and skills. Therefore, it is not only academic proficiency that  helps secure admissions at the B-schools of your choice. It is advised that you obtain a score of  700 or above which is considered a good score to ensure that you get an admission into your desired university.

We have given you an overview of everything you need to know about the GMAT results 2021. Hope you score exceptionally well and make it into the b-school you wish to study in.


  1. What is a good GMAT score?

A good GMAT score depends on the requirements of the business school. However, generally a score between the range of 650 and 690 is considered good and a score above 700 is considered excellent.

  1. In how many days does the GMAT result arrive?

Your GMAT unofficial scores will be presented on the screen immediately after the exam is over. However, the official score report will be available in 20 days.

  1. How can I send my GMAT score to my target school?

On the day of your GMAT test and before you begin testing, you will be asked to select up to five GMAT accepting MBA programmes. You should select your targeted business schools programme to send your score.

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