The union territory of Goa banned people from drinking in public places; a judge overturned this ban on the grounds of violating state laws for allowing the consumption of alcohol in public in certain circumstances. 

A. of violating state laws for allowing

B. of their violating state laws to allow

C. that it violates state laws that allowed

D. that it violated state laws allowing

E. that state laws were being violated allowing

Right Answer: D

Error Identification:

Underlined verb “violating” Tenses
Present TenseTense


Since we have identified the sentence to have an error that is based on Tenses, we will try and eliminate those options first. The sentence should use the correct modifier and past tense. The “ing” form of the verb should be used only when the action is happening now. Since the sentence doesn’t give any such indication, we can go ahead and eliminate options that use the continuous tense. 

A – Eliminated as the “of violating” distorts the meaning of the sentence. 

B – Eliminated as the “of their violating” distorts the meaning of the sentence. 

C – Eliminated due to the incorrect use of present tense.

D – This is the right answer and there is no grammatical error here. 

E – Eliminated as the use of ‘being’ is incorrect here. 


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