The moral implications of abortion have been the focus of much debate; in addition to its possibilities for preventing and limiting various human rights issues, the international legal bodies have also played a role in enforcing freedom of choice and right to life. 

A. in addition to its possibilities for preventing and limiting

B. in addition to its possibilities to prevent or limit

C. besides the possibility that it prevents and limits

D. besides the possible preventing and limiting of

E. besides possibly preventing or limiting 

Right Answer: E

Error Identification: 

Underlined pronoun “its”Pronouns
Repetition of “it” in the optionsPronouns


In the sentence the underlined pronoun ‘its’ does not have a clear antecedent. It is thereby unclear what is being referred to. This distorts the meaning. Additionally, the underlined verb ‘for preventing’ does not agree with ‘inhibiting of’ in terms of parallelism.   

A – The pronoun ‘its’ has no clear antecedent. Hence eliminated, also, the clause ‘For preventing’ is incorrect.

B – The pronoun ‘its’ refers to petroleum which lacks multiple possibilities. Therefore, the meaning of the sentence is distorted. 

C – It is unclear as to what “it” refers to. Hence, eliminated. 

D – While there is no pronoun error here, the words “preventing” and “limiting” mean the same more or less. Thus, one cannot prevent and limit. They can only prevent or limit. Hence, this option is eliminated. 

E – This is the right answer and there is no grammatical error here.


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