The country’s health minister blames sugary beverage manufacturers for the rise in obesity among its people. sugary beverage manufacturers representatives refute this by saying that: many people blame sugary beverages alone for the rise in obesity in the country over the past twenty years. Yet clearly, inactive lifestyles have also played a major role in this trend. In the past twenty years, the number of people who report exercising less than twice a week has risen sharply, and studies show that an inactive lifestyle is the most accurate predictor of obesity. 

In the fast-food chain representative’s argument, the portion in boldface plays which of the following roles?

  1. It is the conclusion the argument seeks to prove.
  2. It is a finding that an opposing argument cannot explain.
  3. It is a line of reasoning that the argument concludes is correct.
  4. It is a piece of evidence supporting the argument’s main conclusion.
  5. It describes a statement that the argument seeks to counter.


Summary of the argument: Clearly the whole argument is trying to counter the portion in bold. The sugary beverage manufacturers representatives believes that sugary beverages alone should not be held responsible for the rise in obesity

  1. Certainly the boldface is not the conclusion. Hence eliminated.
  2. It is something that the argument is trying to oppose but not trying to explain. Hence eliminated.
  3. No, the argument is trying to prove that it is incorrect. Hence eliminated.
  4. It is a belief that the author is trying to counter but not an evidence. Hence eliminated.
  5. Indeed it is a statement that the argument is trying to counter. Hence, this is the right answer.

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