Physicians who attempt to provide medical advice on podcasts or youtube interviews are expected to do so in ways that entertain a broad audience. However, satisfying this demand is nearly always incompatible with providing high-quality medical advice. For this reason, physicians should never provide medical advice on podcasts or youtube because ___________ . 

Which of the following best completes the reasoning above?

A – It is never appropriate for a physician to attempt to entertain a broad audience.

B – Physicians should never be provided in a context in which there is any chance that the medical advice might be of less than high quality.

C – Physicians should never attempt to provide medical advice in a manner that makes it unlikely to be of high quality.

D – The context in which physicians’ help is presented has a greater impact on its quality than the nature of the advice that is given.

E – Most podcast and youtube subscribers are seeking entertainment rather than high-quality medical advice.

OA : C

Explanation : This question attempts at identifying the hidden assumptions of the argument above. The argument states that to provide medical advice in youtube shows and podcasts, doctors have to end up giving lower-than-standard quality of medical advice and that this should never happen. The underlying assumption then is that doctors / physicians must never give advice if it isn’t high quality. 

A – entertaining is not the same as not giving high quality advice and therefore this can be eliminated. 

B – ‘provided in a context’ is not the same as giving low quality advice and therefore can be eliminated. 

C – This is the correct answer and addresses the prediction made accurately. 

D – This is untrue and irrelevant to the argument at hand. 

E – This is already sort-of known and does not provide any useful new info. 


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