A series of fatal accidents on the roads near the metro station and commercial streets warrants the state’s immediate attention. A recent accident was the result of a damaged tire on the rough edge of the torn-up road surface. The resident near the metro station reported that a driver skidded on gravel the other morning, plowed through her fence, backed up, and drove off without a word.

In the preceding argument, the portion in boldface plays which of the following roles?

  1. It is a conclusion that must be proven in order for the argument to be valid.
  2. It is an assumption that provides some support for the author’s argument.
  3. It is a premise that has questionable validity in the context of the argument.
  4. It provides evidence to support the author’s conclusion.
  5. It provides evidence to refute the author’s conclusion.


Summary of the argument: The conclusion of the argument is that the government should take some immediate action to repair the road and the boldface provides evidence for the same.

  1. The boldface is not the conclusion of the argument. Hence eliminated.
  2. It is an evident but not the unstated evidence in the argument. Hence eliminated.
  3. It is not questioning the validity but supports the context. Hence eliminated.
  4. It is evidence to prove the worse condition of the roads. Hence, this is the right answer.
  5. It provides evidence to support the conclusion. Hence eliminated.

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