A new anti-oxidising health drink is being sold for three times the actual price, per ounce, as the drink’s maker charges for a different anti-oxidising product with the same active ingredient.

A – as

B – at which

C –  that

D – of what 

E – than

Right Answer: C

Difficulty: Medium

Error Identification

IdentifierError Type
As, at which, that, of what Miscellaneous / Usage


The sentence requires us to use preposition here. This involves understanding the meaning and intended usage for the created. While this seems like a comparison, it isn’t a direct one. It states that the new health drink’s price is 3X of what the company chargers for another product with the same ingredients. Therefore in context … 

A – ‘three times the actual price…. as the drink’s maker charges’ is incorrect. 

B – ‘three times the actual price…. at which the drink’s maker charges’ is incorrect. 

C – ‘three times the actual price…. that the drink’s maker charges’ is correct! This is the answer. 

D – ‘three times the actual price….of what the drink’s maker charges’, while tempting, is idiomatically incorrect. 

E – ‘three times the actual price…. than the drink’s maker charges’ is incorrect. 


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