The GMAT Quant section is designed to measure your mathematical abilities in solving quantitative problems and interpreting graphical data. The Quantitative section of GMAT comprises basic high school maths concepts such as Algebra, Arithmetic and Geometry. There are a total of 31 questions in the GMAT quantitative section and the duration allotted for this section is 62 minutes. The scoring for the quantitative section is in the range of 1 to 60 but the scaled score will be from 6 to 51. There is no negative marking in the GMAT exam.


Two types of questions are asked in this section — Data Sufficiency and Problem Solving. We will give you a little more detail about these questions as well as also give you a brief idea of what the syllabus of the GMAT quant section entails. 


  • Data Sufficiency: Data sufficiency questions are used to analyse your ability to identify if the data provided is relevant and then determine if there is sufficient data to solve the problem. The question will consist of a problem accompanied by two statements. You will have to use the data given in the statements along with your mathematical knowledge and decide if you have enough information to answer the question asked.


  • Problem Solving: Problem solving questions are used to measure your ability of logical and analytical thinking to solve the given questions. These questions are usually multiple choice questions where you will be given 5 answer options to choose from. 


GMAT Quant Syllabus

Here are a few GMAT quant concepts you need to study and practice. 


Arithmetic- Some of the Arithmetic topics include — Real numbers, Percentages, Fractions, Power and Roots, Probability, Speed, Time and Distance, etc. 


Algebra – Some of the Arithmetic topics include— Linear Programming, Exponents and Functions, Linear Equations, Binomial Theorem, etc. 


Geometry –  Some of the Geometry  topics include — Circles, Polygons, Coordinate Geometry, Quadrilateral, etc. 


You can learn more about these concepts by reading our articles.



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