Planning to take the GRE exam and wondering how to go about your preparation for it? Well, a smart study plan and good resources is all you need to get started and achieve your desired scores. Since the GRE is a highly competitive exam, it undoubtedly requires vigorous and efficient preparation. And, in case you don’t have enough time left, then a smart GRE study plan for 1 month would be really beneficial.

Through the course of this article, we will brief you about the GRE scores required, the different sections of the test and also give you an example of a study plan for GRE in 1 month. Read on!

GRE Exam Sections 

Understanding each section of the GRE makes it easier to draft a detailed study plan, hence, they are as follows: 

Verbal Reasoning (VR): The VR section of the GRE exam tests how proficient you are in the English language. It is divided into three components — Reading Comprehension (RC), Text Completion (TC), and Sentence Equivalence (SC). The Reading Comprehension tests your reading skills and your ability to grasp information and draw conclusions. On the other hand, Text Completion and Sentence Equivalence questions both test your vocabulary and your command over the English language. 

Quantitative Reasoning (QR): The QR section tests your basic mathematical skills. To narrow it down, it tests your ability in the following areas — Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry and Data Analysis. 

Analytical Writing (AWA): The AW section is further divided into two tasks — Analyse the issue task and Analyse the argument task. Both the tasks under this section, test your writing skills, grammar, vocabulary, and syntax. It also examines if your essays have a coherent structure and if the essay is a product of your independent, critical thinking. 

GRE Scores 

The Verbal and Quantitative Reasoning are each scored from 130-170. The Analytical Writing, on the other hand, is scored from 0-6. Moreover, a good GRE score would be any score above 300. An average score would range from 290-300, which would mean you have to score 150 in each of the sections. Additionally, Analytical Writing also adds great value to your GRE score report, so you have to make sure to put in equal effort in all the sections of the exam. Hence, we have come up with a sample GRE study plan for one month for you.  Feel free to alter as per time and convenience. 

Study Plan for GRE in 1 Month

We have drafted the plan according to the number of weeks in a month to provide more clarity. The plan is as follows: 

Week 1  Time 
VR: Introduction  30 minutes 
Question Patterns  15 minutes 
RC Sample questions    4 hours 
Vocabulary exercises    2 hour
Reading Principles    1 hour 
RC Practise tests   4 hours 
QR : Introduction  1 hour 
Question Patterns  30 minutes
QR Sample questions  5 hours 
QR : Algebra  3 hours 
QR : Geometry  2 hours      
QR : Statistics  3 hours 
Total 27 hours 15 minutes 
Week 2  Time 
VR: Text Completion  1 hour 
VR: Sentence Equivalence  1 hour 
Text Completion Sample Questions  2 hours 
Sentence Equivalence Sample Questions  2 hours 
VR:  Advanced questions  4 hours 
Vocabulary exercises  2 hours 
QR: Data Interpretation  3 hours 
QR: Arithmetic  3 hours 
QR: Probability  3 hours 
Data Interpretation Sample questions  2 hours 
Arithmetic Sample questions  2 hours 
Probability Sample questions  2 hours 
Total 28 hours 
Week 3  Time 
QR Advanced questions  4 hours 
VR Sample Test  4 hours 
QR Sample Test 4 hours 
AWA: Introduction  30 minutes
AWA Question pattern  30 minutes 
AWA Sample questions  2 hours 
AWA: Analyse an Issue  2 hours 
AWA: Analyse an Argument  2 hours 
AWA Advanced questions  3 hours 
AWA Sample test  3 hours 
Vocabulary Exercises   2 hours 
Total  27 hours
Week 4  Time 
VR Revision  3 hours 
QR Revision  3 hours 
AWA Revision  3 hours 
Advanced questions ( all 3 sections) 4 hours 
Timed Sample test (1) 4 hours 
Timed Sample test (2) 4 hours 
Timed Sample test (3) 4 hours 
Vocabulary Exercises  1 hours
Total  26 hours 

The GRE study plan for 1 month totals upto to about 108 hours in a month. This means you need to set 3-5 hours aside per day for your GRE preparation. It is upto you how you choose to allot time per day. 

Hope this GRE study plan for 1 month helps! However, as mentioned, feel free to alter as per your requirements. This is just to help you get started.  A good plan will make your GRE preparation a cakewalk, provided you stick to a schedule and set targets for each week. So what are you waiting for? Get right into it and ace the GRE!  

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