Once you finish your GRE test and receive your score, you  will need to start figuring out how to finance your Masters degree. It is certainly a very expensive ordeal if you plan to study in the US or Europe. The costs not only involve education but also include living expenses, transportation, food, etc. Bank loans, a popular alternative, involve a very high interest rate on your EMI, once again proving to be very expensive.

So, how can you go about taking care of the MS program expenses? Thankfully, there are many institutions which offer GRE scholarships if you are a worthy candidate based on your GRE scores, your GPA obtained during undergraduate studies, Letters of Recommendations, application portfolio, etc. However, the GRE score is the most valued when institutions consider offering scholarships. There are many ways to secure such scholarships and a few of them are given below.

University Scholarships

Quite a few universities give scholarships to candidates who possess a stellar academic record and can add value to their program and university. There are various criteria for applying for scholarships to different universities ranging from something as simple as registering interest for a scholarship, to writing essays, attending interviews, etc. You will have to check the scholarships which are available with the university —  full scholarships or partial scholarships

Types of GRE Scholarships

There are three types of scholarships that most available options fall under.

  • Fellowship – This kind of scholarship is the hardest to get, and is usually merit-based. It allows you to pursue your higher education without any additional teaching responsibilities or research assistantship. 
  • Teaching Assistantship – If you win this kind of scholarship, you will be expected to assist members of the faculty at the university in delivering their lectures. This is common for MS and MBA programmes. A good score in the TOEFL can help you get this type of scholarship.
  • Research Assistantship – In research-oriented universities, this is a type of scholarship that allows you to assist faculty members in their research. You will get the opportunity to participate in experiments and simulations, and more.

 GRE Scholarships for Indian Students

  1. Fulbright-Nehru Fellowship – This is a prestigious scholarship offered by the United States-India Educational Foundation and it provides scholarships for fellowships for higher education such as masters, PhD, and postdoctoral studies as well. This is a highly competitive scholarship and you will need to have an excellent GRE score to win it.
  2. Narotam Sekhsaria Foundation – The foundation offers a scholarship programme to you if you are an Indian student who possesses a consistent and exemplary academic record. The PG scholarship amount ranges upto 20 lakhs and it is an interest free loan. It mainly focuses on those who want to pursue studies in the fields of Pure sciences, Applied sciences, Law, Social Sciences and Humanities.
  3. Ivy Parker Memorial Scholarship (2000$, Women only) – The Ivy Parker Memorial Scholarship is awarded to a woman who wishes to pursue a bachelor or graduate program in the fields of engineering, technology and computer science.
  4. The Generation Google Scholarship – This scholarship was established to assist upcoming students in the fields of computer and technology. If you are selected, then you will be granted 10,000 USD (for students studying in the US) or 5000 CAD (for students studying in Canada).
  5. J.N. Tata Endowment Scholarship – This scholarship aims to support you (students and professionals) if you are looking for higher education abroad. They provide both loan scholarships and gift scholarships. You will need a good GRE score to be able to win this scholarship.
  6. Inlaks Scholarship – This scholarship provides full support for higher studies such as PhD and masters, especially in the arts and humanities field.
  7. Aga Khan Foundation International Scholarship – This is a prestigious scholarship offered by the renowned organisation, and it is geared specifically towards students from developing countries.
  8. Chevening Scholarship – This scholarship is for professionals who want to pursue masters in the United Kingdom. Your GRE score is very important if you want to win this scholarship.

This is not an exhaustive list of GRE scholarships. We have listed down a few to help you get started. You can dig deeper and with proper research you can find a scholarship that is right for you. If you work hard towards a merit scholarship and you are able to obtain it, your financial burden will be reduced significantly. It is also prestigious to win a scholarship, and something to be proud of. Work hard on your GRE preparation so that you can achieve a great score that will improve your chances of winning a scholarship.

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