Not sure how to up your game when it comes to your GRE exam preparations? Don’t worry, we have listed down some GRE preparation tips to help you get started. But before we begin with these tips, let’s briefly give you an overview of the GRE exam. 

The GRE tests your critical thinking, analytical and writing skills through three sections – quantitative reasoning, verbal reasoning and analytical assessment writing. Each of these sections have two or three types of questions. Each question has to be answered within the given span of time. The total time of the exam is 3 hours and 45 minutes, including a 10 minutes break. Considering how efficiently you need to manage your time to answer these questions and how complex the exam can be, it’s imperative you start preparation much in advance with the right GRE preparation material.

In this article, as mentioned above, we will help you with some GRE preparation tips and also provide you with a list of study material that you can refer to for your preparation. 

  • Take Mock Tests

We cannot emphasise enough the importance of taking GRE mock tests. Taking these mock tests has several benefits such as giving you an idea of the test structure and the actual exam and helping you understand how proficient you are with the GRE quantitative reasoning, verbal reasoning and analytical writing sections. 

When you take sufficient mock tests throughout your GRE preparation, you are learning to adapt to the pressure that you might encounter on the day of your exam. From sitting through a period of four hours to maintaining your time. This can only be done by taking several GRE mock tests while preparing. 

  • Getting the Right GRE Preparation Material

It is very essential to prepare for the exam from the right sources. Here are a few paid and free GRE preparation materials that we have gathered to make your search easier:

Must-Have GRE Preparation Books 
  • Barron’s Essential Words for the GRE 4th edition
  • Mometrix’s GRE Prep 2021 and 2022
  • GRE Prep 2021 and 2022
  • Official GRE Super Power Pack
FREE GRE Study Material You Must Check Out
  • PowerPrep II
  • Varsity Tutors GRE Practice Tests
  • McGraw-Hill GRE Practice Test
  • West Texas A&M Virtual GRE Math Lab
  • ETS Practice Book for Paper-Based GRE Test
Online Coaching Classes 

Covid-19 has forced most of us to continue our education and work remotely by staying in-doors; hence, most coaching institutes now offer GRE preparation online classes. Check out  CareerLabs for GRE classes and practice material to help you practice for your GRE test at your pace.

  • Develop and Stick to a GRE Study Plan

To know how to develop a good GRE study plan that suits you, it is important to understand how well-versed and proficient you are with the quant and verbal concepts. So, once you take the mock tests and get an idea of where you stand, start preparing a smart study plan. Some essential practices you can remember to incorporate in your study plan are:

  • Studying 1.5 hours every day as opposed to studying every weekend for longer durations
  • Preparing a study plan that involves at least 4 GRE mock tests
  • Making room for GRE prep classes, if you think you need to attend one
  • Keeping sufficient time for a break to help you relax
  • Ensuring that you have at least one GRE mock test before you take the actual exam
  • Monitoring Your Progress

Monitoring your GRE preparation is essential to know if your GRE study plan and strategy is helping you progress. To gauge your progress, it is necessary to set up certain criteria and accordingly measure your progress weekly. By constantly keeping a watch on how you perform in certain questions, you will know which topic and question type you need to exactly focus on.

  • Reading Non-Fiction Books

When preparing for the GRE test try developing the habit of reading non-fiction books. By reading non-fiction analytical books that consist of diverse material, you will be able to upgrade your critical thinking skills. Moreover, your reading pace will also improve in the process.

We hope these GRE preparation tips covered in this article helps you. So, without wasting any more of your time, chalk out a smart plan and start your GRE prep.

All the best!


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