Are you preparing for the GRE? Do you know attempting GRE mock tests prove to be very beneficial during your prep? If you are unaware, don’t worry! Through the course of this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about GRE mock test papers and how they help in your preparation.

Since the Graduate Record Examination is usually taken by those who wish to pursue graduate programs, in India or abroad, it is a highly competitive exam. Hence, preparing for the GRE is not as easy as one might think, it requires utmost precision, dedication, and commitment from your end. Since each of the GRE sections tests a specific ability or skill, preparing for the GRE can get confusing and overwhelming. However, there is a way to avoid this confusion and that is by taking GRE mock tests. Taking a GRE mock test can be beneficial to you in more ways than one. Let us take a look at how taking GRE mock tests can benefit you. 

How are GRE Mock Tests Beneficial for Your GRE Preparation? 

We have listed some ways in which taking GRE mock tests prove to be beneficial to your GRE preparation, so read on. 

Understanding the Exam Pattern 

To begin with, taking GRE mock tests helps you acquaint yourself with the GRE exam pattern. It gives you a glimpse of how the GRE will be conducted on the day of the exam and helps you understand the various question types in each section. Additionally, taking a GRE mock test will also help you strategise for the examination.

Analysing Your Strengths and Weaknesses 

Attempting GRE mock tests is an easy way to analyse your strengths and weaknesses. Once you have finished attempting the mock test, you can take a look at the results to identify sections you have struggled with the most. You can then allow some extra time to work on your weaknesses. 

Revising your Fundamental Concepts 

The GRE mock tests serve as an excellent tool to help you revise the topics once you have completed your GRE syllabus. Taking a couple of GRE mock tests after you have finished studying for the GRE will help you analyse how well you have prepared for the GRE. Additionally, if you find yourself still struggling with certain sections, you can spend some time studying those sections a little longer. 

Understanding the Section-Adaptive Nature 

As you might be aware, the GRE is a section-adaptive test. This means that the difficulty level of each section is determined by your performance in the previous section. For example, if the first section of the Verbal Reasoning you attempted was of average difficulty level, based on your performance, the difficulty level of the next verbal reasoning section is altered. Taking official GRE mock tests will familiarize you with the section-adaptive nature of the test. Additionally, it can help you strategise and tackle the section-adaptive nature of the GRE with much ease.  

Helping with Your Time Management Skills

As mock tests are modelled on the official GRE test, you can use them to develop time management skills. When attempting GRE mock tests, you can time yourself according to the time allotted for each section in the GRE. Once you are done, you can analyse which sections took you longer than necessary and formulate strategies to attempt them with ease. 

Keeping Track of Your Progress 

Taking GRE mock tests on regular intervals can help you chart your progress with your GRE preparation. Are you wondering how you can do so? To begin with, you can take a mock test at the beginning of your preparation. This will help you get clarity on how to draft your study plan according to your weaknesses and strengths. You can take the second mock test when you are halfway through the GRE syllabus to help you understand the various question types in each section and how you are to attempt them. The third mock test can be taken after you have completed your GRE syllabus to test if you are familiar with all the fundamental concepts and to gauge how prepared you are for the exam. The last mock test can be taken at least two weeks before the GRE exam. This will be like a revision and also help you know how well you are prepared. Having said that, you can take as many as you want to. Hence, taking mock tests can easily help you chart your progress with your GRE preparation process. 

Where to Find Mock Tests?

It is evident that taking the GRE mock tests are beneficial in a lot of ways and help enhance your GRE preparation as well. Now, you must wonder where you can access these GRE mock tests. The official GRE mock test papers are available on the official ETS (Educational Testing Services) website. The GRE ETS mock tests are officially recognised and are credible sources to download and practice. However, you can also download numerous other GRE mock test papers that are available online, but make sure you download ones that are credible and follow the same format as the GRE. Additionally, you can enrol yourself with GRE coaching services such as CareerLabs that provide unlimited access to numerous GRE mock test papers and even advanced question banks.  

All in all, taking GRE mock test papers can be extremely beneficial for your GRE preparation. Now that you are aware of the benefits, what are you waiting for? Start taking mock tests to see where you stand and chalk a study plan accordingly.

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