GRE Exam Fee

Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is an exam opted by the undergraduates to get admitted at various universities located in US, UK, Germany, Australia and many other state-regions. Basically, GRE is a standardised test and often considered as an admission prerequisite to pursue post graduation in advanced scientific, technical or techno-managerial flagships. Educational Testing Service (ETS), a non-profit private organization, administers this test in 180 countries at more than a thousand test centers. The GRE test is available in two formats: Paper based and Computer based. Mostly students appear for the computer-based test whereas paper-based exam is available only in those areas where the computer hasn’t embarked its reach. However, the GRE exam fee is same for the two formats i.e., USD 205.

GRE Exam Fee

The GRE exam fee is USD 205 which is uniform throughout the country regions. Earlier, the registration fee varied from country to country, but now, ETS has confirmed that there will be no variable pricing depending on the zone or country.

GRE Exam Fee in India

GRE test is categorised into two types, viz GRE General Test and GRE Subject Test. Both the tests can be written from India however the fee varies among them.

  • GRE General Test Fee

The fee for GRE General Test is USD 205. If we talk about the fee of GRE General Test in Indian rupees, it values approximately INR. 13,000.

  • GRE Subject Test Fee

The fee for GRE Subject test is USD 150. In Indian Currency, its value is approximately INR.10,000.

GRE Test Rescheduling Fee & Center Change Fee

Due to unforeseen circumstances, you may have to reschedule your exam. ETS charges USD 50 (INR 3250) to request for a change in the date of exam. A change in the test centre also costs you a similar sum of USD 50. So make sure you check your calendar and any other factors that may prevent you from giving the test on a particular day.

ETS also charges a late registration fee for paper-based test takers if they fail to pay the registration fee on time. The fine for the same is USD 25 (INR.1625).

Does Applying to More than Four Grad Schools Cost Extra?

At the end of the exam, you’ll be given an option to send your scores to a maximum of four grad schools or educational institutions. If you desire to report your GRE scores to more than four grad schools you have to bear an extra fee of USD 27 per school. Hence, strategize carefully before you start your preparation for GRE, shortlist your preferable schools as proper planning won’t affect your account balance much.

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