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The GRE (Graduate Record Exam) is conducted and administered by ETS (Educational Testing Services) all year round in countries like the US, Canada, Australia, Germany, etc. in over 100 countries and at more than 1600 centers. GRE is considered to be the paramount exam for every individual who dreams of joining a graduate school and pursue a career in various masters, doctoral and MBA programs.

If you are also thinking of registering for the GRE exam, then the question you will face will be: When to face the test? Most candidates are uncertain when to book their test date and which center to attend the exam in.

What are the available test dates for GRE?

GRE is conducted all-round the year at various Prometric centers and other centers as well. Hence, the decision lies in the hands of the aspirant to choose the slot for their exam. But the exam for GRE is available in two different formats, and it is crucial for the candidate to make a clear choice between the following two formats:

Test Dates For GRE

  1. Computer-based GRE
  2. Paper-based GRE

Let’s see the available options in both the test patterns:

  1. Computer-based GRE:

The computer-based exam is the standard pattern and open all-round the year. Since this exam can be taken at any time in more than 100 countries at more than 1600 centers, the candidates appearing for GRE have an upper-hand in choosing the slot according to their needs and requirements. Points to take care of while choosing the center or test date for the computer- based GRE are given below :

  • The computer-based exam is available at all Prometric centers as well as at some non-Prometric centers at some additional locations.
  • The slot for GRE is filled on a first come, first, serve basis. Hence, if you want to book a slot, you will have to make the decision quickly.
  • Provide time for your score to reach your target universities. The official GRE scores take approximately 10 to 15 days to arrive after taking the test. So, please allow some time for schools to receive and process your score. Hence, when booking a slot you should consider the fact that after taking this test and receiving the score, you still have enough time on your hands before you hit the deadline and your score reaches at least one week prior to the grad schools.
  • GRE can be taken once every 21 days, to a maximum of five times in a year. Even if you have rejected your score, you can retake the test after 21 days.
  1. Paper-based GRE :

Paper-based GRE is not as frequent as the computer-based exam. The paper-based exam is conducted a maximum of three times in a year in any country at various Prometric centers. In India paper-based exam is available at only seven centers and they are:

  • Ahmedabad, Ahmedabad Int’l schools, 10805
  • Bangalore, St. Josephs College Commerce, 10044
  • Coimbatore, South India Textile Research Association, 10110
  • Kolkata, Indian Inst. Of psychometry, 10097
  • Mumbai, Mumbai Teachers Training College, 10091
  • New Delhi, St. Michael’s senior schools, 10172
  • BITS PILANI, 10485

The time taken to receive the score of the paper-based GRE is approximately six weeks, so care should be taken while fixing a slot, so that the score can reach on time at the target universities before it hits the deadline.

The paper-based exam can also be taken a maximum of five times in a year at a minimum duration of 21 days from the previous attempt, according to the availability of the slot.

The option of choosing GRE depends ultimately on the student, but it is important that you don’t miss the deadline of your target university otherwise you will have to wait a complete year to apply.

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