Preparing for the GRE is not an easy task and it requires a lot of dedication. This is because your GRE scores determine your admissions into the top universities of the world. You will have to spend sufficient time preparing for the exam which will help you reach your target score. Therefore, to achieve this you must look out for good coaching centres that will help you in your admissions and preparation of the exam. When you look for GRE coaching near me or GRE consultancy near me on your web browser, we are certain you will find many results. However, you must check if they suit your requirements before you proceed to enroll.

Your first priority should be to check the services offered by each coaching centre. A good coaching centre must provide you with the best content, access to mock exams, good study material, well-experienced trainers and much more to help you reach your desired score on the GRE exam. However, due to the current pandemic situation, there has been a shift to the online mode of learning much more than before. Hence, most coaching centres are providing online GRE coaching. Online learning has a lot of benefits as mentioned below:

  • studying from the comfort of your home
  • access to abundant resources online
  • getting to choose when you want to study 
  • personalised study plans,
  • lower costs for courses and much more

You may look for GRE coaching near me to help you decide which coaching centres will be closest to you if you wish to attend coaching classes in person as well. However, keeping the current situation in mind, we suggest online is the best. You can enroll into one such online GRE coaching centre called CareerLabs. Here you get to learn from the best faculty — Mr Santosh P.N.. He scored 338/340 in the GRE and a 100 percentile in the Verbal section of CAT. Another experienced faculty that you will be guided by is  Mr Amit Ravindra. He scored 760/800 in the GMAT exam and a 100 percentile in CAT.  You are sure to gain valuable insights and useful GRE preparation tips from experts like them. Not to mention, all the study material, mock tests, question banks and more that you will have access to for your preparation. 

A coaching centre like CareerLabs also provides you with additional services as well. This includes preparing your SOP (Statement of Purpose), getting your LOR (Letters of Recommendation), creating your CV (Curriculum Vitae), helping you write your essays, etc. These are also a very essential part of your admission besides your GRE score, hence, an online coaching centre that provides you these is definitely the one you should keep an eye out for. 

We hope now you know what to look out for when browsing the best GRE coaching near me. 

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GRE Coaching Near me

Test your knowledge on GRE topics with this Quiz

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The concentration of Ozone in the ozone layer is beneficial as it absorbs the ________________________ ultraviolet radiation from the sun.

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The interview is an essential part of a successful hiring program because, with it, job applicants who have personalities that are unsuited to the requirements of the job will be eliminated from consideration.

The argument above logically depends on which of the following assumptions?

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In a shoe production factory, 30% of the shoes produced were black in colour and the remaining shoes produced were white in colour. Also, half the shoes are of size A and the remaining half are size B. If 20% of the shoes are black and Size A, then what percentage of the shoes were white and size B?

Your score is

The average score is 33%



  1. How much does GRE coaching cost?

The cost of the GRE coaching fees varies according to the course which you choose. Most coaching institutes charge anywhere from INR 25,000 and upwards. However online courses are reasonably priced and more affordable, the online coaching classes fee varies from INR 3000 and upwards.

  1. What is the duration of GRE coaching?

The GRE coaching duration is not the same for all candidates. While some students may prepare for the exam in a shorter period, others may take a bit longer. It is wise to decide your duration depending on your study requirements, college application deadlines and exam dates. The recommended duration for GRE preparation is 6 weeks – 8 weeks.

  1. Which coaching is best for GRE?

There are a plethora of coaching institutes available both online and offline which offer coaching for the GRE exam. It is crucial that you check if the institute suits your requirements, is credible, offers sufficient study materials and mock exams, etc. Online coaching has recently gained popularity since it has numerous advantages. It is affordable and comfortable, provides personalised study plans and one-on-one sessions, etc.

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