Pune was given the title ‘ Oxford of the east’ by the first Prime Minister of India, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru during his visit in the 1950s. This title was given owing to the fact that Pune housed  many top notch educational institutes and colleges. Pune has lived up to the title bestowed upon it till date. The city houses over 811 universities and educational institutes that offer more than 500 courses in various fields of education. In fact, the University of Pune has more than 5 lakh students enrolled this year. This makes Pune the second largest varsity in India. Hence, Pune is the ideal location for you to pursue your graduate or postgraduate program.

In order to pursue your higher education and get into some of the top institutes in Pune, you are required to take the GRE. To ease the burden of the GRE preparation process, you can take up GRE coaching in Pune. Some of the best GRE coaching institutes in Pune now offer online coaching owing to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. 

Online coaching helps you in more ways than one. As you might be aware, the GRE is a highly competitive exam and a computer adaptive test. A computer adaptive test means that each section proves to be more difficult than the previous section you’ve attempted. This means you could use all the assistance you can avail. The GRE online coaching grants you access to adaptive question banks, sample questions, additional tips and information about the GRE, guidance and training by experts, all from the comfort of your own home at a pocket-friendly price. Moreover, you can study at your own time and space and balance work and studies easily. 

Now, let’s talk about the GRE sections that most online GRE coaching centres in Pune provide you tips and strategies on. 

GRE Sections 

The GRE consists of three sections: 

  1. Verbal Reasoning: The verbal reasoning tests your vocabulary, reading skills and your ability to process large chunks of information. 
  2. Quantitative Reasoning: The quantitative reasoning tests you on arithmetic, statistics, data analysis, geometry, algebra and data interpretation concepts . 
  3. Analytical Writing: The analytical writing section tests your grammar and writing skills.  

Online coaching is becoming the need of the hour and many educational service platforms such as CareerLabs are providing you all the guidance you might need with regards to the GRE. So, whether you are in Pune or any part of the world, you can enrol for online coaching from anywhere. Hence, it’s due to this convenience and flexibility that online coaching is becoming much more popular than before. 

So, if you enrol with CareerLabs, then you should know the following:

They offer products and services based on the three tier system —

  1. Beginners: This service is provided to those who aren’t very familiar with the GRE and are not very sure how to proceed with the preparation. 
  2. Intermediaries: This service is for the ones who are halfway through their GRE preparation but find it difficult to proceed. 
  3. Seasoned students:  This service is for those who are just revising for the exam.  

You are also provided with a comprehensive guide on how to register and prepare for the GRE, you are granted access to 1000+ question banks and adaptive question banks. In addition, you are also provided personal guidance and lectures from experienced professors.

While there might be the best GRE coaching institutes in Pune, online coaching is not a bad idea during the pandemic. So gear up and start your preparation! 



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