Unlike the verbal and quantitative sections where you select the right answer by choosing from a set of options, the AWA section is subjective and you are expected to write essay type answers. Hence, you need to practice a lot to produce a good piece of write up with logical arguments and well-constructed criticism. So, are you now wondering how to do so? Then, the GRE AWA books are your go-to study resource. We have listed down some of the best AWA GRE books for you. These books provide you with ways to answer the AWA section of the GRE exam. Hence, it’s essential you own one if you plan to take the exam. 

However, before we dive into the list, let’s understand the two different Analytical Writing Assessment section: 

  • Analyse an Issue – The analyse-an-issue task requires you to analyse and present your views on some general case or issue presented to you. These issues can be related to education, politics, or culture. You will be required to take a stance on complex issues.
  • Analyse an argument – This task requires you to evaluate the logical soundness of an argument by the author. Unlike the previous task, this will require you to carefully analyse the claim and support it with evidence. 

Here is a List of GRE AWA Books to Help You Score a 6 in the Analytical Writing Section:

  1. Word Power Made Easy by Norman Lewis:
    Depth in vocabulary is essential to explain complex ideas with minimal use of words. You can do that only if you have a rich vocabulary. This book helps you understand the etymology of words which allow you to play with words when writing your essay.
  •  GRE Analytical Writing – Solutions to the Real Essay Topics by Vibrant Publishers:

This book is every GRE aspirant must-have study material. Not only does this book contain 25 samples for both analysing an issue and analysing an argument, but also consists of expert strategies and scoring guides for both the tasks of the AWA GRE section. Furthermore, it also includes pre-writing activities that assist you in understanding why a writer opted for a particular point of view and used the evidence to support his/her response.

  1. Standard Novels:
    Reading novels of different types and authors will help you understand the different writing styles. This will help you formulate your writing style and plan the structure and flow of your essay.
  2. International Newspapers:
    Before you even start to write, you need thoughts. Hence, you must keep yourself well acquainted with the latest happenings in politics, culture and education, particularly in the US, since most topics revolve around things happening there.

To conclude, writing is a skill that needs a lot of practice. Reading diverse material, particularly where the author is making an argument will help you build knowledge on a particular topic. Hence, these AWA GRE Books help you get an idea of constructive criticism. More so, it helps arrange your thoughts in a logical order. So, wait no longer, get your GRE AWA books and start practicing!


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